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Apple’s iPhone X is the phone all other phones are measured by. It’s an excellent, good looking cell phone which will run your critical desktop apps in mobile mode. Although Windows continues to exist, it is the Mac OS in which the most interesting and powerful applications are being produced. It’s likely if it’s a […]

Omnifocus and Android

On June 15, 2018

There are many who use Omnifocus who have an Android phone now but would prefer not to give up their Omnifocus. They could easily switch to an alternate but they prefer their Omnifocus. Running a task

There are a lot of task managers but for this article I am only going to look at the really good cross platform ones which stand out. I, for example, would wish that the Hit List, OmniFocus and Things was available for Cross Platform but they’re not. For the purposes of this article therefore, three […]
A number of iPhone users are taking a look at Android phones and some like what they see. However, many a user feels stuck or locked into the Apple ecosystem. Although at first glance this might seem like a legitimate reason to stay with the iPhone a long with all your other gear, it’s not […]
Ever since Apple did away with the wired port and are using Bluetooth to play your collection of music, it is subtly implied that there is no difference in the quality of your music listening experience. This is definitely not the case at all. Bluetooth’s Original intent Was for Device to Device Communications Bluetooth came […]
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