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Apple had its historical release of fall products again this year and basically I would summarize this release as a win. They introduced their series 4 line of Smart watches and revamped their Smartphone lineup. The Smartphone’s stood out in this show as not only did they introduce new product but they smoothed out the […]

Of Tech and Time

On August 18, 2018
I have noticed an interesting phenomena related to a person ’s view of the speed with which time is passing by. There is a truism that has held for quite some time that as we age, we perceive time to be running faster and faster. When we are young (say 5) summers seemed to last […]
I was a long term iPhone user for about 7 years. I switched to Android just to learn it and immediately liked it. I started with a couple of HTC phones – the a9 and HTC 10 which were fantastic. From there I got onto LG and initially the G6 but finally I’ve stopped with […]
Productivity is the ability to improve outcome by either enhancing the outputs or decreasing the amount of time it takes to produce the results but in a lesser amount of time. In three previous articles I discussed three task management systems to look at how they compared. There are many more on the market and […]
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