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Cobook/ Your Contacts on Steroids



While we may all love our iPhones, I think we can agree that some of the stock apps that come with the iPhone are a little sub-par. One of the apps that really bothers me is the Contacts app.

What’s Wrong With It?

iOS 7 has brought several significant changes to the Contacts app including nicer styling, better data syncing with social media, and slightly easier to perform actions (call, message, facetime, etc.).

However, it’s still not quite as intuitive as i’d like. I’m a pretty simple guy and don’t like having 3 apps that do the same thing (i.e. Phone, Message, and Contacts). What if I only needed one app that did all of those things and made it even more simple?

Enter Cobook

This is where Cobook excels. Cobook arrived on the scene late 2012 during iOS 5. They’re goal? To make contact management enjoyable.

And they did. In Cobook you’re able to create tags for groups. It even imports groups from your social media (Facebook is free. Others like Twitter and Linkedin require an in-app purchase).

My Favorite Feature

The coolest thing about Cobook though is ability to swipe a contact and choose the action you’d like to perform. This allows you to keep Cobook on your home screen and putting your seperate Message, Phone, and Contact apps hidden away in a folder, while still having easy access to them and keeping your home screen tidy.

Go Get It

Cobook was recently acquired by FullContact. When I originally looked into Cobook the Mac app was something like $10 (can’t quite remember), but now both apps are free (with a couple in-app purchases if you want them).

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