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Mail Pilot Delivers


I’ve written fairly extensively on Mail Pilot once the beta became an open preview beta. The primary reason I’ve done this is mail is one of the most important and all consuming activities many of us do on our computers. Some people these days are deluged by mail and have a difficult time handling their mail and getting their work done.

As such, there has been what I’ve referred to as this move towards inbox zero if not an obsession with it. Along with that obsession, primarily from the IOS side of the house, there has been a variety of new style clients, some aggressive, to assist in reaching inbox zero.

Inbox Zero but by what Means

It’s very easy to get to inbox zero. You just delete your mail and don’t respond to it. You might wonder why you’re being walked to the door especially when you’ve done such a good job getting to inbox zero.

Mail has always been important long before email. Email just allowed mail to rain down upon us. So there is a need to have a different approach to the handling of mail. These approaches are being developed and implemented in more traditional systems such as MailHub for Mail and new systems such as Mail Pilot.

Mail Pilot actually is, in my view though, one of the first of the new email systems to arise from IOS that’s focus is not on inbox zero per se but the efficient management of mail which can thus lead to inbox zero. However, there is a subtle difference and the difference is here that Mail Pilot helps efficiently manage mail.

Efficient Management of Mail

Mail Pilot, both in the IOS product, which unfortunately is not nearly as good as the recently released Mac product and the Mac product assists with the efficient management of mail. To do this it employs a different methodology and new tools.

Mail Pilot sees all mail as an actionable item. All mail that sits in the inbox is simply not done or actioned mail. It is not a case of being read or unread. If it’s sitting in the inbox it’s undone.

Actioning Mail

All the mail we receive needs to be actioned. Some of it needs to be read. Some can be deleted right away. Some needs to be put aside for another moment in time.

Mail Pilot provides a new set of tools to action mail and get it to a done state. There are the traditional mail tools such a read, file and/or delete. Then there are the new tools incorporated into the product.

These new tools are what makes Mail Pilot a product that helps you manage mail. You can set aside mail to be looked at when it‘s more convenient. You can put a reminder on the mail and it will return to your inbox on that day. It can be held in lists from different sources so that it can be dealt with having common context.

When your done with mail the most common thing you would likely do is choose the completed item option. You might also choose to delete it. However, in some cases you’ll want to employ the other techniques.

Efficiently and Effectively does improve the Handling of Mail

Mail Pilot presents you with a great working environment that is clean, clear and crisp. The tools you have to work with definitely speed up or allow you to more efficiently handle mail. The net result is the system simply works. It doesn’t take you to inbox zero in a false way. It gets you there realistically, in a manner that is both efficient and effective. You are really able to get through the mail with Mail Pilot.

A Winner

In my article “Mail Pilot for OSX will be a Winner” I felt based on what I was seeing at that time Mail Pilot would be a winner. I believe that‘s how it is shaping up. With its IOS counterparts and it different methodological approach to mail this is a very effective system. The product simply delivers in a nice fashion. Doing mail on Mail Pilot is almost pleasant to do. Never do you feel overwhelmed by what you see in your inbox. The various tools like lists, setting items aside and reminders are means by which to deal with mail efficiently.

Mail Pilot, for a version 1.0 product, has been doing well. I think this is a product that will mature nicely. Right now, I find that it is a very helpful tool. There are times when I’m a bit nervous mail might be getting lost. That’s more my experience with the IOS mail that has carried over to OSX. I’m managing my mail in a manner which feels far less overwhelming than anything I’ve used before.

There’s a web based product called Sanebox that deals with mail in a novel way. Honestly, Sanebox can make you insane. Mail Pilot on the other hand delivers on the promise of more effectively being able to manage your mail. As I did before I still do now; I believe Mail Pilot is a winner.

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