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DEVONthink: Back to the Future


Back to the future

I’ve written a lot about DEVONthink. I’ve discussed its power, its capability to be your paperless office and to basically keep you organized. DEVONthink can handle pretty well anything you throw at it. It can very much be a part of trusted system in the Getting Things Done model.

However, I’ve realized this is only possible if we more or less “go back to the future.” If we go back to a time before there was sync technology in DEVONthink and IOS doesn’t matter DEVONthink is a very powerful system.

DEVONthink‘s Achilles Heel

I recently changed my computing environment around. I now have one very powerful prime desktop computer and no portable. I used to sync DEVONthink with the MacBook Air extensively and this never really went that well. It was a poor implementation in that it was very much in your face and slow plus it was time sensitive as opposed to software sensitive. The final thing that brought about a major problem was sync would chew up memory and management was aware of this. It would chew up memory to the point memory became exhausted. Again, this is definitely not something you want in a system.

With the MacBook Air out of the way sync with it was no longer an issue. I also realized that sync with DEVONthink To Go wasn’t necessary. I never liked DEVONthink To Go as it was really just a viewer of your information and a pretty poor one at that. I have been able to really remove this from the equation. This leaves me with just DEVONthink at the desktop with no need for sync. This is where DEVONthink shines and all that I wrote about DEVONthink and its power and benefits were now able to come through.

Back in Time

Time machine

I, in essence had gone back in time. At this point, I took a fresh look at DEVONthink in its totality and realized this is a system that could once again work for me. This is, of course, not the case for many who do need to sync. What I realized is I had gone back in time to a day long before sync arrived on the scene.

In the present we’re waiting for sync 2 technology as the current cloud based sync will burn up tremendous amounts of memory to the point your system will exhaust memory. It never ends. However, not back in time. There is no sync. DEVONthink runs beautifully.

I also realized I no longer needed DEVONthink sync with DEVONthink To Go. With many of my other systems this was necessary but not with DEVONthink. Being back in time was really nice and it was exhausting.

DEVONthink has a serious achilles heel which is simply it cannot sync at any level properly. It’s a powerful system in the past but not the present. Once sync works though we are now back in the future for it is systems that sync well today that are not only desired but to a degree are taken for granted. Yet, let’s continue to strive to remain in search of “Back to the Future” as it’s a nice place to be with DEVONthink.

Back to Powerful

By turning the clock back I have in essence given myself back the powerful system I wrote extensively about. DEVONthink is not ready for today’s sync. When it is, it will be all the more powerful system for it. For now, it remains the powerful system I wrote about. I do not need sync although I’m aware many do. You would have to weigh the benefits of using a system, which you might not like as much, with the benefits you obtain from it by way of it being sync enabled.

Recently I wrote about switching to Evernote from DEVONthink as I was exhausted from the problems of sync. However, with my computer changes and the realization I did not really need IOS sync with at least DEVONthink I thought I wonder what it would be like to use it as if it were the past.

DEVONthink is as powerful as ever without the encumbrances of trying to make it sync properly. It works the way I like to work. Evernote, although a good program, just doesn’t quite work the way I like to work. Since I didn’t need all the sync that is available to Evernote, this was a moot point.

Better off with DEVONthink


I’m better off using DEVONthink. I’m more effective at what I’m trying to do. I accomplish what I need to accomplish. I can with Evernote but it feels awkward for me. Don’t get me wrong. I’m not saying this is not a good program and if you need sync and mobility this is the program to beat. If you don’t, I feel DEVONthink is the better.

What I wrote in my other writings about DEVONthink stands. The benefits to be obtained are all there. I won’t even begin trying to go over them again. Just to say the benefits of DEVONthink are clearly there.

Back to the Future

Back to the future2

Back to the Future was a great movie. I still want to get to that home. But I can wait now. There is no rush. This is not to say others are in this boat. But if you’re not, you might be better served by DEVONthink.

It remains an adventure trying to get Back to the Future. I think when sync is available with DEVONthink it will be well done. I’m quite happy to be where I am for now. I though still eagerly anticipate DEVONthink to Go 2.

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