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Facebook’s Answer to Their Poor iOS Past



Facebook recently released a completely new redesign to their iOS app. The previous app is still available for download, but if you’re anything like me, you’ll find their new app, Paper, to be a fresh design with a much smoother Facebook experience.

The first thing I noticed about Paper was how smooth everything was. The tiles glide left and right, up and down effortlessly without any delay. Each tile contains one post (like the boxes did in your news feed). When Paper is first opened, the tiles are minitaurized to allow quick scrolling (best for when you need to find something quickly or just want to browse a little quicker). Swiping up on a tile will quickly enlarge the tile for more careful reading. The design of Paper seems to be more driven by gestures rather than buttons. Swiping on just about anything will do what you need it to do. This results in a lot more friendly mobile experience as you now really only need one hand to do your Facebooking (unless you’re typing).

Recently we’ve seen Facebook trying to get into the news feed arena with their “[Trending][trending]” sidebar. It’s no different with Paper. Paper lets you pick different categories like Tech, Home, Business and many others which you can then access by swiping left or right on the Headline area of the app. While I like the idea of having my news feed combined with my Facebook feed (i’m a bit of a minimalist), I found it disappointing that I couldn’t add specific news sources. Right now I can only read the Tech news that Facebook deems worthy to be displayed. I hope that support will be added later to add my own content to the feed.

When I first starting using Paper I was a little skeptical about whether it really was going to be a better mobile Facebook experience because it did just look like a news reader, not really a social app (I even kept both apps on my iphone for awhile just in case). What I found was pleasantly surprising. Paper does everything your old Facebook app, but does it better.

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