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In Transition with Apple



Have you noticed your systems environment seems a little foreign of late. Applications are not performing exactly in the same way or something just feels odd with them. IOS 7 of course is significantly different and applications feel very foreign there. Most seem to have taken to IOS 7 but there are the nostalgic few who wish for a past in which they knew their system better.

Don’t feel as if there is something wrong with you if you’re feeling like you might have to change an app as it’s not up to snuff anymore. If you’re feeling this odd feeling that something doesn’t feel right or is odd there’s a reason for that.

Major Transition as depicted by IOS 7

Ios 7

Apple is in one of it’s most major strategic transitions yet however, this has not been clearly articulated. IOS 7 of course is very apparent as a transitional environment. Its look, feel and manner of operation is strikingly different. Some are writing apps solely for IOS 7 and charging for this as if you never had someone’s app before.

OSX or Mavericks is as massively Transitional as IOS 7

Osx mavericks

This is where you may be feeling this vague discomfort more so than IOS 7. Mavericks is just as much or possibly even more so a transitional OS. However, it is subtler than IOS 7. Apple basically did in Mavericks a lot of under the hood fine tuning. The UI and the apps in OSX are not that major. Tabs of course is something everyone wanted in finder. And the acceptance of tags fortunately based on the open meta defacto standard was significant as it took way the worry a lot of functionality would be lost to systems that employed this such as Default Folders X, Leap, iDocument etc.

Yet, from all outwardly appearances Mavericks doesn’t seem like a huge leap from Mountain Lion. Yet, it is. It is the beginnings of positioning Apple for the next ten years and the ability to deliver the kinds of applications users will be looking. Many of these applications will reside in the cloud. The cloud in fact will begin to subsume more of our computing space truly liberating us and allowing us the freedom to work anywhere. Microsoft’s Office 365 is a good example of this move to the cloud, something which even Microsoft resisted for the longest time.



With the changes to Mavericks came the subtle and not too subtle effects it had on applications. Many a developer missed the significance and the strategic value of Mavericks leaving you the user with this either annoyed or odd sense of what’s going on.

Omni is a good case in point with OmniFocus. Earnestly working towards the delivery of a more current OmniFocus via version 2 for the Mac they allowed themselves to be side tracked by IOS 7. Further, a problem they were confronted with in the development of of2 was actually resolved by Mavericks. Unfortunately, they are still working on of2 yet for you the user you’re left with this unsettled feeling.

It is not just OmniFocus that was affected by this transition. Many application vendors missed the potential of Mavericks leaving their apps working but somehow lacking.

It will All come Together

Come together

Eventually this will all come together. Apps will be delivered designed for today and tomorrow. The frameworks are in place in Mavericks which is important. To deliver these advanced, highly mobile, cloud based apps requires a sound infrastructure which includes the local operating system.

In the case of OmniFocus, they found the solution to their problem was in fact right in Mavericks. OmniFocus 2 will come out as a Mavericks only and above application. This is happening with IOS 7. Vendors are building their apps as IOS 7 apps specifically. They cannot deliver the new look and enhancements to IOS 7 in their apps any other way.

Will the same come to pass with Mavericks. Probably only in a fewer set of cases. That’s based on the capability of OSX generally. Based on its underlying engine (Unix) it can be both a forward and backward OS unless the defines of the UI are changed dramatically. What Mavericks brings to the table for a developer though is potential to build more powerful apps such as OmniFocus determined.

The Future Looks Bright; the road though is a little bumpy

Bumpy road

Although we are traversing a bit of a bumpy road and we are, the future looks bright. Already we have some pretty amazing and marvellous applications compared to even only five years ago.

Much is now cloud based. We’re using the cloud to sync our devices, share documents and just do our work with the freedom of movement. We have had iTunes now for a while and are used to music on the fly. However, this is happening with the AppleTV. Although it’s been around for a few years, it is really beginning to look as if it is poised for something big. However, currently we receive movies and TV shows, on demand, when we want them all from the cloud.

These paradigm shifts have put some traditional businesses out of business unless they could transition to the new realities. As an example of the way technology will enable completely new applications based on advanced capabilities, there’s a service here that’s a taxi service which uses traditional terminology to deliver an exceedingly inventive capability. Called Hailo, you use your iPhone and a Hailo app to identify where you are, flag a driver who in turn then accepts your request. The acceptance of the request though comes with his position, visually displayed, his ID, name and best of all telephone number. After you send out your request and it is accepted within a very short period of time the driver pulls up from any one of a number of cab companies. He takes you to your destination and upon arrival you simply get out without the need to exchange any kind of money. That’s because all your billing info is in the system including the tip, which you decide upon. To say the least, this very traditional service has been modified in such a way that its almost futuristic yet it is something that is available today. Only solid technology which has an operating system could handle such a sophisticated service. However, I’ve used the service for a while now without one problem.

In the above scenario with Hailo the customer is happy and the cab driver is happy. Yet, the person who isn’t happy is the owner of the cab company for various reasons. This advanced service based on an advanced operating system, which is IOS 7, is indicative of things to come. As was said though, there can be bumps of varying natures in the journey. One such bump could easily be if the cab owners don’t transition smoothly to the new operating model they could find themselves being put out of business.

In Transition Together


The slight awkwardness that we feel with our systems at the moment is just reflective of this massive transition that we too are making with Apple. As we transition though and things settle out, the OmniFocus 2’s will arrive. Our applications that we have will just seem to magically smooth out.

With that said, the future looks bright. Persistence, patience and the ability to transition are the catch all words to be taken from this. Those that can do the above will be more than happy with the outcome. They will be able to use these advanced applications that are beneficial to many people. Those that can’t transition might find themselves left out wondering why so and so can do all that s/he does. The ability though to transition to Apple’s new model holds itself most strongly to the application developers. The one’s that can’t see the light and fail to transition will inevitably fall.

There’s much to look forward to. This is, not to be cliche,I an exciting time. It’s a time that holds remarkable promise. Who knows, maybe that ephemeral 4 day work week that was touted in the 70’s as the natural progression of technology may actually arrive. We can be absolutely certain though that a new computing world order is undoubtedly unfolding in front of us.

New dawn

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