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Launch Center Pro for the iPad finally arrives but it was worth the wait


Launch Center Pro

Launch Center Pro for the iPhone came out a while back to initial disappointment. The disappointment was not around what it was intended to do but what it simply could not do then. At the time, many if not most applications would not launch from the program. This was simply a situation in which very few IOS applications used the open URL schema used to address other applications. Launch Center Pro was simply unable to launch applications that didn’t conform to this requirement.

Much time has now passed and the above really is no longer the case. Certainly, not all applications conform and can’t be accessed but so many do now. Launch Center Pro has become, as a result, a real power house application.

Much More than a Launcher

Naval fleet

Launch Center Pro has become much more than a mere launcher of applications. Certainly, you can do that but using its action composer you can launch an application and invoke an action such as call so and so or send a text to a business acquaintance and on it goes.

As such, the program is a real time saver. If you used it from the beginning and it didn’t offer a lot of programs to work with, you probably didn’t get in the habit of using it much. The trick now is getting used to using just Launch Center Pro to take advantage of the time savings.

The final thing the program does nicely, especially if you put it in the launch bar, is it organizes your actions. Programs you use will be available to you regardless of desktop you’re in. You will be able to run a supported program from Launch Center Pro in any desktop as long as the program resides in the launcher. Thus, Launch Center Pro organizes your IOS device. This is extremely nice for an idevice which is burgeoning with applications.

Launch Center Pro has been designed for the iPad plus enhanced

My Launch Center Pro for the iPad

Launch Center Pro has now not only been fully designed for the iPad it has been enhanced on both the iPhone and iPad versions. Talking about the iPad version specifically, I simply won’t run iPhone designed apps on the iPad. I feel it detracts from the benefits of the iPad. In the case of Launch Center Pro it has a nice design feel for the iPad taking full advantage of the iPad’s screen real estate.

Add to this that not only has Launch Center Pro been made available for the iPad it has been enhanced for both the iPhone and iPad. Launch Center Pro, as was said was not just an application launcher but a launcher also of actions. An action might be send a text message to Joe Blow or call John Doe. These kind of actions, of which there are many, makes Launch Center Pro a productivity enhancer. Time is saved as the actions just do a number of steps from one or two taps.

It Continues to add Up

Steve Jobs I came

At times, I’ve wondered does this technology assist or hinder us. Are we more productive or just inundated with something which ensures we just have more to do.

There have been applications that have definitely led us down this road. Fortunately, they have disappeared relatively fast into obscurity as there’s no point in using our technologies if it only adds to the stresses of our lives.

In the case of our technologies overall, it continues to add up and improves our lives and our productivity. The Mac ecosystem is a superb example of this.

Add to our devices software as good as Launch Center Pro and things are definitely brighter. It adds to our productivity. It increases the things we can do faster but just as importantly in a more organized and accessible fashion.

Launch Center Pro is an application that started out with tremendous promise but seemed to fall disappointingly short. It didn’t. It has fully measured up and is a delight to use if not a bit fun. Now with Launch Center Pro for the iPad the product line feels complete. There’s only one way for this to go and that’s up as more applications are supported and actions are added.

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