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Menubar Notepads


To continue this little discussion on the value of the lowly notepad and the type of notepads available I’m going to discuss my personal favourite and that’s the menubar notepads. In essence, there are simply two styles of notepad, the windowed Notepad such as I discussed around Write and the menubar style which I’ll discuss in this article.

A menubar notepad is exactly as the name implies; a notepad that resides in the menubar. The major advantage of this kind of notepad is it is available everywhere on every desktop. This is probably then the most convenient of the styles of notepad. It is not necessarily the most powerful yet it can be quite powerful but it’s flexibility and availability compensate for a lot.


As with the windowed environment I see one of the most important aspects of the menubar notepad is it’s ability to run under both OSX and IOS. This ensures that whatever you note in one spot is available not only in that spot. With the flexibility of the app running in the menubar and in IOS and OSX your information is available regardless of spot.

In OSX the application just resides in the menubar. In IOS the app runs like any IOS app. Information that you jot down in one spot becomes available wherever. However, in OSX, since the app resides in the menubar, regardless of the desktop your information is accessible from the menubar at at a simple click.

Two Applications that are particularly Nice

There are two applications which are both menu bar applets which each have some similarities to each other yet their own appeal. Between these two applications, it is more personal preference as to their operation and their strengths which one is the most suitable for you.

At one time, my favourite Notepad was Notestab Pro. Now it is Notefile. Notestab provides more in the way of rich text support but Notefile allows more in the way of sending information created to other applications. This is a huge plus. If you want your note turned into a PDF you can simply send it to a PDF converter. This one little function I find extremely handy when I need to integrate information.

More than Just a lowly Notepad

Your notepad can be just a simple collector of information or it may collect highly valuable information. Used correctly, it is a collector of any valuable and useful information. When you’re on the phone and an agent gives you an important piece information, that information, easily captured and easily retrieved, can make a world of difference to the outcome of a situation.

If you’re like me, your information does not need to remain in your Notepad but rather you might want to put it into you Information Management system. I would recommend that any very valuable information be placed there either at first go or as an after thought. Using a product like Launchbar or Keyboard Maestro you can fully and easily automate this process. You can even use services to say move the information to say DEVONthink.

Think of your Notepad as a valuable tool that just needs to stand at the ready to grab information. Make this tool the easiest for you to use. In my case, that is now Notefile for the Mac or IOS. In many cases though, I just jot the information directly into DEVONthink (more on this to come). Yet, there are those times where I feel so harried when they say have you got a pen and paper I always immediately want to respond yes and that pen and paper for me is Notefile.

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