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Teamviewer for Remote Desktop Access


The landscape around remote desktop access just took a 180% turn when Logmein dropped support for their free full access back in January. Perfect for an individual who wants to access his/her Mac while away from home, it is now a fully paid service. It doesn’t have to be though.


Remote access is simply the ability to access your Mac remotely on say your iPad and continue working in a remote fashion or transfer a file to yourself possibly forgot on the home machine. There are different ways to do this but probably my favourite was Logmein. It is also the favourite of a lot of major US companies.

Although this was my favourite it doesn’t mean it was the best. It was the best based on what I knew of what was out there. TeavViewer is actually a lot better for my needs overall.

Supports Remote access and the Ability to Remotely Operate someone Elses Machine

TeavViewer does the key thing that I require and it is the ability to operate remotely. It does another thing very well also and that’s the ability to identify as early on as is possible a problem and a fix. However, not to just my machine but to other people’s machines.

As long as you’re using TeavViewer for non-commercial reasons it’s free to use to support others. There are other people that come to me for assistance and through the use of the telephone, email and dynamic images I’m usually able to assist. I’m often able to provide instruction on how things should be done and this is much appreciated.

A problem of a more intense technical nature, one that I’ve never come across or something that is more obtuse, requires a call to Apple tech support. I make sure all my friends and family members that use a Mac have Apple Care.

File Transfer

TeavViewer provides the capability to exchange files. This is often essential when a problem has been identified. I might have the file that is required to solve the problem. If not, it’s sometimes easier for me just to do the Bing or Google search to find the right file. Once found, it’s sent to the individual in distress, installed and hopefully problem solved.

Once again, if I’m stumped, it’s off to Apple tech support for resolution to the problem. Often though the individual who’s experiencing a problem is so new at the Apple game s/he might not even be aware that a support call might be necessary. TeavViewer can be both a real time-saver and a solutions program all at the same time.

The Growth of Remote Access Systems

Remote access systems, I feel, are getting generally both more popular and more in demand. Even with our in sync’d IOS devices it’s sometimes nice to just connect remotely to our computers and continue working as if we were sitting right in front of the computer. For one, the primary, Mac program might be many times more powerful than the IOS app it is sync’g with. This is not to take anything away from the sync’d app as it is so nice to both have your data regardless of location but to work on it also.

However, for some things, there’s just nothing like working on the primary app. As an example, the program DEVONthink is a good case in point. The Mac app of DEVONthink is extremely powerful. This power could not be replicated in an IOS app. Thus, to use the Mac app is going to lead to greater efficiency, performance and power. The results will be all the better. In the end you will be far more productive.

Parallels Access

To be honest, Parallel’s access is my favourite of the bunch where it just comes to me and my working remotely. Using the IOS metaphor in OSX is kind of fun. However, there are two reasons this is not a realistic solution.

First, Parallels Access does not support accessing someone else‘s computer to assist them. This is a complete no starter. The second reason though is it is an extremely expensive solution.

The point of my bringing up Parallels Access though was simply to provide an example of how this area of computing is developing. More solutions are coming along that are novel in nature.

TeavViewer is an Excellent Choice

At the moment, TeavViewer represents an excellent choice both in capability and cost effectiveness. You are able to work remotely. You are also able to help others remotely and there is built in support for that to make it as simple as possible. If you’re seen as the friend or the family wiz kid where it comes to this kind of stuff, you may be called upon more than once to help those in need. It is wise to ensure you have the right tools to get the job done.

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