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To Have a Notepad at the Ready


Caveman take a note

All too often we’re on the phone about to conclude a call and the person at the other end says I’d like to give you a reference number. Then you’re asked if you have a pen and paper at hand. I haven’t used a pen and paper in years but I always have the basic electronic notepad at hand. Plus, I ensure it’s a good one.

For a while now I’ve had a menu bar notepad at the ready that would sync flawlessly with its IOS counterparts. The reason I’ve favoured menu bar notepads is they’re available in any desktop ensuring that the notepad is easily accessible.

Notepads not Notebooks

Grumpy man taking a note

This article is strictly about the Notepad and not the Notebook. Notepad’s have previously been discussed outlining their specific benefits There’s a big difference here. Notebooks can be rich in functionality however, they can be used as a Notepad. Your Notepad would have difficulty functioning as a full featured Notebook.

A Notepad by any other name….


OSX comes with a good Notepad. However, many search out a notepad that better suits their needs. In this article, I’ll briefly reference menu bar notebooks and how they deliver exceptional capability simply. Yet, I want to talk about this continuing trend in which our writing tools are incorporating Markdown. Markdown is turning up everywhere including the lowly Notepad.

For the purposes of this article I’m going to start to discuss a product Write which comes from the IOS environment and is in beta on OSX. In next article, I’ll discuss Write itself more extensively followed by a couple of the menubar notepads.

Markdown Everywhere


Write is one of the very new and fascinating products as it is a powerful Markdown editor while it supports moving information to a variety of targets. At the Daily Mac View, the value and importance of Markdown has been extensively addressed. Markdown, in a fashion, is a democratizing system as once known it’s capabilities are employable in anything. The Notepad represents a good opportunity.

Write brings Markdown functionality to a Notepad. Further, it is an interesting product as you can send information to a variety of targets using a multitude of exporting/sharing options.

Technology Changes

Business technological changes 29056043

To have a Notepad remains as essential in the electronic, Information Age as it was during the period of pen and paper. To have a good Notepad is empowering. To have one that includes Markdown or resides in the menubar is to have a good one that will be used.

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