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“Write:” a Markdown Notepad


Write is an IOS program that is soon to have an OSX counterpart. Write I would consider a Notepad as opposed to a Markdown editor but it certainly could play that role. What makes this an interesting notepad is two things. First, it is a full fledged, Markdown system. Secondly, especially in IOS, you can share your information with a variety of sources.

Windowed Notepad

Unlike the menu bar notepads I prefer, this is a windowed notepad. By that I mean, you launch Write as you would any app and it exists in a window of its own on a particular desktop. Regardless, should you need to write something down quickly, this can become available fast. Using the markdown editor you can then markup your note as you see fit.


Your windowed notepad, as I mentioned, supports Markdown making the note completely portable. That is, you can take the note, if Write were to go out of business and be in business using another Markdown editor. This is powerful.

Markdown’s popularity keeps growing and with the dominance of the internet it will only become more valuable. Now your Notepad can even be Markdown enabled with all those capabilities.

Numerous Exports

As I mentioned Write has two components making it a unique and excellent notepad. It supports numerous exports of its information. You can export your note as PDF, mail it, mail it with PDF, send it to Evernote etc. You can also open the note in a variety of programs and export it to those programs or send the information to elsewhere. This kind of portability is rarely seen and again it protects your information from obsolescence.

Thus, Write makes it easy to get your information to variety of other sources. This is valuable for many reasons in that it could form the basis for a document you’re preparing.

One Kind of Notepad that is Unique

Notepads, though they seem lowly, are far from it when you need to jot down some critical information quickly. Write represents a new form of notepad that incorporates Markdown and the advantageous feature of being able to move Notes throughout the Apple ecosystem.

If you like using Markdown you will like Write as your notepad. If you constantly move information between environments you might find Write incorporates the environment you send info to.

This is one style of Notepad which could work very well for you. However, maybe you want something that sits in all your environments which is simpler in nature. In my next article, I’ll discuss menubar notepads, my personal favourite.

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