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Accessing your Desktop using IOS: Parallels and Jump


Many people like to be able to access their computer‘s remotely from their IOS device for various reasons. One reason you might want to access your desktop is to continue working on something that you started in an app that solely works on OSX. If it sync’d to IOS, then of course you would use the IOS app.

Another thing you can do is stream your music from your desktop. If you’ve got an airplay device hooked to a sound system, you could actually stream your music all the way through from your desktop.

There are two packages which provide nice remote connectivity but they visually appear very different. The first one I will discsuss is Parallels Access. Although I’ve looked at this before, I thought I’d look at it in this scenario as one thing has changed since then is the price.

The other, very solid app is Jump Desktop.

Parallels Access

I’ve grown to like Parallels access a lot lately. You can access your desktop very easily from anywhere using it. What at first struck me as things are being carried a bit too far with IOS is Parallels Access turns your computer‘s desktop into an IOS desktop. Apps that you run are laid out on the screen in IOS fashion. You just tap an app and it will run.

The other thing that turned me off about Parallels Access was the price. My trial ran out and when I was more or less checking out and didn’t renew it offered me the subsciption at half price. I took it for two years.

Pricing of the product has always been a big stumbling block. They reduced the price but even this was too much for me and the amount I’d be using it. However, when they offered it at half that price they got my attention and order.

Ease of Use

Parallels Access is very easy to both install and use. I often use it just to start the stereo. However, I will continue with work on the iPad to do work.

This is very handy. I do not have a portable computer so my iPad is it. Not everything I use has an equivalent through OSX and IOS. in essence, I’m turning my computer into a portable via my iPad Air. This is of distinct advantage.

I can’t transfer files to the Air but there is no reason to as everything is running off the computer of which a lot is cloud based. The Air is just the display of what’s happening at the desktop. When I do return to my computer I’m just that much farther a long with my work which is a huge benefit.

Jump Desktop

Jump Desktop just accomplishes what I accomplish in Parallels Access but through the traditional look of the desktop. Jump Desktop is very easy to use. There is no subscription fee so this may be attractive to many.

When you look at your computer Desktop on Jump through your iPad you see your actual desktop. You launch applications in the normal fashion and you are able to continue on with your work.

You can stream your music to your iPad. You can zoom in on areas so you know what you’re doing. In fact, you can operate your computer as if you were at it but so too can you do this Parallels Access.

Choice is Just a Matter of Taste and Cost

Choosing either product will give you an excellent remote solution. The decision as to which one will be based on a matter of taste and cost.

Using Parallels Access is fun but to the point and a bit simpler to see the app to be launched. However, Jump has the added benefit that you probably know your desktop.

Once you’ve made a decision based on style the final decision will be around cost. Parallels price model, in the beginning, was right out of it. They’ve reduced the price but it is still too much. In my case the system, for half the cost, was worth it. I would think Parallels would do better getting a lot of users than none.

Parallels Access was my Choice

For the above reasons and because I do find Parallels Access fun and easy to find and launch things, it was my choice of system. I actually have both but will use Parallels Access solely just to get very familiar with the system.

However, as I mentioned, I would say cost has been the impeding factor in Parallel’s Access acceptance. Jump Desktop is a one time cost item. Parallel’s Access is subscription based. At the right price, I think it’s a great system.

Putting cost aside though, some prefer the familiarity of the pure desktop experience that Jump Desktop provides. Regardless of which one you choose, I’m convinced you’ll be happy with either.

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