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Getting things From your Mac elsewhere: SendStuffNow


Getting things from your Mac to someone else, receiving something of importance or not and working together on something, often referred to as collaborative computing is more than doable today. We’ve come a long way also in what’s possible. What’s important now is the method in which you decide to do this. One technique lends itself better than another to performing a function or it’s equal yet one method might be more cost effective.


SendStuffNow from Smith Micro is an extremely handy and cost effective service that is relatively easy to use. It‘s a service that does exactly what it’s name says it can do. You can send and receive files quickly using SendStuffNow. To simplify things here, this is a service that can handle some of the tasks relative to a cloud based system. In reality, it is actually a cloud based system. One last thing to consider when looking at this system is it is tightly integrated with Suffit Deluxe.

Much Better Than Mail

Using Mail is very limiting. You can only send through very small files. SendStuffNow is intended to send files as small as you might want them but can go to up to 2 gigs in size. You can store in total upwards of three gigs of data at any one time again on the free account which is very generous.

Cloud Systems

This is the best known of systems to move files around. To keep the example simple, I’ll just discuss Onedrive a superbe cloud based system. SendStuffNow is relatively unknown for such an excellent service. What you’re doing drives which system to choose.

SendStuffNow is the best system for you to rapidly fire off a file to another person. A file that I was going to send via the cloud would probably be intended for collaborative purposes. That is, you might want me to comment on the content of the file or vice-a-versa. The file from SendStuffNow will probably be intended for your sole purpose like a photo.

However, I can do this same thing with a cloud based system and likely do. The cloud based system is by far your most flexible system. SendStuffNow is a fast and efficient system.

Lots of Overlap

Considering all the systems I’ve outlined, the reality is there is a ton of overlap. Yet, one system is probably better intended for a specific function. I’ve outlined SendStuffNow as it’s not well known and it does what it does extremely well. It provides just another option to share files.

However, the bottom line is a cloud based system is by far the most flexible option. Further, everyone today should have a cloud based system. Yet, to have SendStuffNow can’t hurt. There’s a free option and options that provide a lot more capacity the following being examples:

  • 2 gig file transfer, unlimited bandwidth, max 3 gig total storage
  • 2 gig file transfer, unlimited bandwidth, max 5 gig storage
  • 2 gig file transfer, unlimited bandwidth, max 25 gig storage

Bottom Line

As can be seen, there are a variety of systems all of which do the same thing. Yet, one type of system might be more efficient than another. For file sharing by far though a cloud based system is the best of the bunch due to its flexibility.

However, SendStuffNow is an efficient system to get a file directly to someone else with the least amount of hassle. Mail file transfer limits file size and this can be very annoying as often you don’t know what those limits are. Finally, since SendStuffNow works so tightly wth Stuffit Deluxe and it’s compression engine, there is yet more to be gained from this approach.

Ensure that you have a good cloud based system. However, definitely look into SendStuffNow. You migjht find a good use for the system which would uniquely meet your specific needs.

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