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Fantastical Rounds out the line with a Version for the iPad


Fantastical ipad

Although it seems like a long time in waiting for a version of Fantastical for the iPad it’s been well worth the wait. There is now a Fantastical for the iPad, Mac and iPhone. The line finally seems complete and this implementation of Fantastical is superb.

Fantastical has always been one of those Apps that Led the IOS Market

Fantastical lead the market

Fantastical was never just a good calendaring application but it was a superb application. When I discovered Fantastical it was right in the beginning and there was never any looking back. With its cool interface and and natural language support for the entry of events this application has always been a leader in advanced application technology.

Fantastical worked as either a nice adjunct to your Apple or Busycal calendar or as purely as standalone application. There have been many an imitator of Fantastical but there is only one Fantastical. One can easily say that Fantastical was a market leader and was never in anyway a market follower.

Initially designed for OSX it was shortly thereafter followed up by Fantastical for the iPhone. Fantastical was breathing new life into the humdrumness of calendaring by making it fun. There is no question that having a calendar, regardless of which model you follow for effectiveness is essential. But it can get tedious to either have nothing at all on your calendar or to have it richly filled. To be able to complete your calendar in an intuitive, natural language fashion is both effective and fun.

Fantastical Missed Something Essential: An iPad Version

The one place there was a huge whole in Fantastical’s line was on the iPad platform. As a result, a lot of also ran software tried to be a Fantastical for the iPad. Nothing seemed right. Something just seemed odd. Sometimes the iPad application pretender could be, to some degree, not bad but overall it just never measured up to Fantastical.

Solution: a Version for the iPad


There were probably a few problems as the product was readied for market not the least of which would be the effective use of the screen real-estate. However, they’ve done a tremendous job in utilizing screen real estate on all their platforms.

The platforms are all remain in perfect sync utilizing iCloud or Microsoft’s Exchange. If you have the Mac and iPhone version of Fantastical plus an iPad you should not even give this a second thought in terms of whether to purchase it. Just purchase it and let your new Fantastical software strut its stuff.

The First Thing I did Today

New day

I’ve been waiting for the iPad version of Fantastical and only knew that it was scheduled to be released soon. I’m delighted to say that we now have the iPad version of the software. The suite is complete.

So the first thing I did today was buy the software. It’s currently 33% so it cost all of $9.99 for one of the nicest looking iPad applications. It basically has the exact colour scheme of the iPhone version. Personally, I find it very attractive – primarily black with white and red colour offlays.

Some Days just Start right and end Right


With the iPad version of Fantastical having been released this morning I couldn’t have had a better start to my day. This application is something I’ve been patiently waiting for. With it finally here and having learned how to use it effectively in no time I couldn’t have asked for a better end to my day.

Fantastical will be the only calendaring app I will be using from hereon in. I will continue to use Busycal for the specific kind of view of my week that Busycal can generate. However, the advantages of an all encompassing application that stretches across my work environment cannot be understated. The iPad version of Fantastical was the one missing component of my calendaring environment and it has been resolved. This will aid greatly in my effectiveness that I try to bring to any job.

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