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GTD Inspired Mail Pilot Receives its First Major Update


Mail Pilot for the Mac, a GTD inspired email client, has received its first major update. This is definetly a welcome update. Although when the Mac version of Mail Pilot was released it made a major splash it wasn’t too long that although users recognized the substantial benefits of the program they saw too some sustantial shortcomings. The most significant of thse shortcomings was:

  • poor search
  • lack of an outbox
  • lack of a drafts folder

The Significant Shortcomings have been Addressed

Mindesense, the company that makes Mail Pilot has addressed these shortcomings a long with a lot more.

Search has been substantially improved and in my tests I would say it is quite robust. Things in the past that couldn’t be found are now able to be found. You don’t need to switch to say Mail to find something. However, there is a program called Infoclick which indexes Mail and it is a very fast and refined program for finding mail at a more granular level. There are other approaches but it exceeds the scope of this article.

There is now an Outbox. Having an Outbox allows you to defer the sending of an email.

Finally, there is the all important Drafts folder. This will allow you to save an unfinished email as a Draft allowing you to pop around the system.

Numerous Modest Refinements

There are numerous modest refinements that easily make Mail Pilot a contender as your prime email client. It is more stable, faster with an even more polished interface. Mindsense has fixed critical bugs. Finally, they have fully enabled the client to act as a full email client.

Your Only Client

Mail Pilot represents the new breed of email clients that we have been mainly seeing emanating from IOS. These clients are designed to get you to inbox zero fast. Mail Pilot is part of this rethink of maill but it is based on or said to be based on the well accepted GTD model.

Mail Pilot for the Mac has done such a good job at implentation it is, I would say, a true contender to be your one and only email client. In this category is most assuredly Outlook and Mail. However, Mail Pilot has this unique advantage of a rethink in the way you deal with mail.

As a GTD client

Much has and will be continued to be written about GTD at the Daily Mac View. The idea that has been put forward here is that one needs a model to drive methodology that then increases or enhances productivity.

Since Mail Pilot is GTD inspired it should fit well if you use this model and also want to increase your productivity. In my own case I have found that with Mail Pilot I can whip through mail. I find it definitely enhances my productivity and in turn I “Get things Done”.

What about Inbox Zero?

Mail Pilot definitely falls under the category of geared towards inbox zero through it’s unique tools. You can read and complete a mail item (all mail items are tasks in the Inbox), set it aside, put a reminder on it or contain it in a list. Before you know your inbox will be emptied out.

A Tool for the Times

Mail Pilot is a robust tool designed for the times. We have information coming at us now from numerous sources. Email has always been a great source of material that needs our attention. Anything that can help with the handling of mail but effectively can only be viewed as something with great benefit.

Mail Pilot, now having been updated to version 1.1, is a relatively full featured email application. Designed to look at mail from a completely new perspective it can easily be said that it is a tool for our times.

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