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iPad Air as Productivity device with the use of the Logitech Ultimate Keyboard


Logitech ultrathin keyboard cover for ipad 5th generation

In my article “Empowering your iPad with the Belkin Ultimate Keyboard” I discussed using your iPad not simply as a consumption machine but that of a production machine. In that article I discussed how I used my then current 4g iPad as a fully functioning production unit. Rather, there was no need for a computer as I used it fully in place of a portable computer.

I did though have to get a portable for a project I was working on that involved sync between computers. It was a very nice MacBook Air. When the project was over by this point in time I now had an iPad Air with a Logitech keyboard.

The natural thing to have done now was when I needed to do something that was really production work I should have picked up the MacBook Air to do it as it was right there but so too was my iPad Air. I did in the beginning but slowly, rather than picking up my MacBook Air I ended up picking up my iPad Air and not to just read stuff but to actually do stuff. Trouble was beginning to brew in the natural order of computerdom.

Configuration of your iPad is critical

Initially, I ordered, just as I had done with the my previous iPad the Belkin Ultimate keyboard. It was a nice in appearance as the other but it wasn’t as good in terms of the way the keys were laid out and for a touch typist the feel of the keyboard is everything.

It may at first seem trite but for you to be able to use your iPad as a production machine it is has to feel, in every way, right. If that includes an external bluetooth keyboard get the one that feels the most right for you. There’s differences between every keyboard and they might seem small but if it’s not right you’ll tend not to use the iPad as it won’t feel comfortable to the job. You may need to try out far more than one to get it right for you but so be it. However, there were really two keyboards, in my case, that vied for first place and that was the Belkin Ultimate and the Logitech.

I decided on the Logitech and equipped my iPad Air with it and have been delighted with the decision. It was the perfect combination and proved to be a better option than that of the Belkin. However, turning my iPad Air into the perfect production machine had consequences for my MacBook Air.

MacBook Air; iPad Air

MacBook Air

The iPad Air, equipped with the right keyboard becomes a very viable option not only to be a production device but to compete and win against the MacBook Air for use. The reason for this is its size. Even with the keyboard, it is just so light and thin that when I went to grab something to say write an email I tended to grab the iPad Air.

IPad Air

I found if I wanted to read something I’d naturally grab the iPad Air but then if I wanted to write an email I’d have it in my hands so it was an easy step to write something.

Since I had a primary Mac Pro which I did the bulk of my work at I really had to think if I needed the MacBook Air. Although it was a beautiful machine and in no way could I complain about it, things didn’t make sense to have them both. In essence, the iPad Air had become a production machine and a good one at that. The MacBook Air was getting little use except to keep it updated. I was even using it to write articles rather than use what would have seemed to be the more natural choice; my MacBook Air.

A casualty ensued. With all in this in mind I decided to sell the MacBook Air. It took about all of 12 hours to have five buyers (the one thing about any Apple product; it will hold its value for quite some time) and of the five the first fellow, a nice university student, was more than delighted to take it.

Having a computer altered the decision

Mac pro]

It’s important to note that had I not already had a computer, my Mac Pro as my primary workhorse, my decision here would have been entirely different. The MacBook Air would be sitting where the Mac Pro sits carrying out all my workhorse functions and I would naturally have my iPad Air with the Logitech keyboard doing its remote function.

I believe that a well rounded system must include a computer. If all you can afford is one thing that one thing should be a computer and likely a portable such as a MacBook Air to carry out the tasks you want to work on wherever you are.

If you can afford more then throw in a iPad as you will not regret this one bit. Finally, if you’re the type that likes a Smartphone then that device should be an iPhone of some ilk. The beauty of all of this is everything talks to everything else both seamlessly and flawlessly. This is exactly what you want to enhance your productivity and just make your life easier. It really is wonderful when you see this all in action.

Manageable; logical


Having made this decision, life just became more manageable. No longer were there two choices in front of me. I had to use my iPad Air if I wanted to work away from my Mac Pro.

Honestly, I couldn’t have been happier with the decision if I had wanted to be. I now had the perfect consumption and production unit.

I absolutely love my new Mac Pro but I’ve never been keen on reading stuff on a computer. I can’t explain this other than with a computer especially a desktop computer you’re stuck in one position. However, this doesn’t explain it as the same holds true with a portable computer.

So the best way to explain it is the original design philosophy behind an iPad. It was designed as an adjunct to your computer environment to be a consumption machine. Thus, it is perfectly designed to read that book or article.

The use of the iPad as a production machine came through evolution. At the heart of your iPad is a very powerful unit. There is nothing holding it back from being a production unit. Add the right peripherals and you’ve got the perfect production and consumption unit.

The Perfect Systems Environment

Perfect systems environment

For me, having solved my dilemma around the MacBook Air and the iPad Air I now have the perfect systems environment. It consists of a computer which is my Mac Pro and two IOS devices; the iPad Air and my iPhone 5s. All aspects of this environment are used all the time to complete work and personal activities.

This would not be the perfect systems environment had I not purchased the Logitech Ultrathin keyboard that allows me to type fully as a touch typist and use the keyboard as a case. The Logitech has been well thought out in terms of its design. Combined with a powerful network to pull it altogether, for myself, the system works as ideaIlly as one could want.

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