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Clear Provides an Elegant yet Easy to Use List Manage



At The Daily Mac View the concentration of the subject area is on productivity both of a personal and a business nature. The high end programs primarily of a GTD nature have been looked at extensively. However, there are other programs that can be as beneficial based on what the user prefers.

One of those programs is Due a simple to use Reminders program that is very popular. Used in conjunction with a high end GTD Task manager the pair can make a formiddable combo.

”Clear” is Simply Clear

Clear water

On the other hand, a program called Clear can make for a very powerful companion in managing your Tasks as they relate to specific lists. Lists and tasks are a powerful combination to keep order for what you need to do. We constantly create lists hopefully in some hard version to contain the things that we need to do. In those lists are our tasks that relate to the lists such as the groceries that need be bought when we go shopping.

Clear takes advantage of some of the most fun but sophisticated tools to manage lists and tasks. As an example, squeezing a bunch of tasks reveals the list and tapping on a list reveals the tasks. When we complete something we can either just delete the task or mark it done for reference.

Clear is fast, intuitive once you get onto its frame of reference and fun to use. It is simple in some ways and allows you to mow through your tasks or quickly organize them into a list for action to be taken.

Not Your PowerHouse but it is Not Necessarily always Needed


Clear is a simple program in concept and cannot be considered an OmniFocus. However, if you don’t need that kind of power you are probably far better served by Clear. At times, we take what is the simple and over complicate. Even if one does need OmniFocus, I’ve seen far too many people fall into the OmniFocus trap of making it overly complex.

There most definitely is a place though for the likes of OmniFocus as some tasks can be very difficult to manage. However, if you don’t need this kind of power and aren’t managing complex projects Clear might be the much better option. The old expression here of simplify, simplify holds true. One can waste a great deal of time in the complexity of getting something done when they only need a reminder to do something in the process. Some people pride themselves on simply getting the complex done rather than making the complex more complex and possibly getting it done.

Clear for Today’s OverWhelmed Generation


It’s well understood that today’s generation is running in a very complex time. Inputs are coming at people now from numerous sources that there are almost too many to list. Just to name a few though there are:

  • Family obligations
  • friendship obligations
  • social obligations
  • news and various news sources
  • the phone
  • email
  • text
  • messaging
  • school
  • TV
  • societal normative values

And on it goes. Often all these things are coming at us at the same time and many of the inputs require outputs or tasks to meet the requirements.

Sometimes we need tools to help manage that complexity with powerful, flexible tools. However, if we don’t does it serve us to add complex tools to the already complex environment when a simple tool might suffice. This is a call only you can make but my tendency would be to say where possible simplify to reduce stress rather than to enhance it. In this situation then, Clear might be all that is required and will serve you well allowing you to remember and manage the task without complicating the management of that task.

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