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OmniFocus 2 Arrives for the Mac in Two Versions


OmniFocus 2

It’s been a long wait but OmniFocus 2 is here. For many this is a great delight. OmniFocus 1 was looking tired and dated and it was complex. It just was not an approachable application. Even after reading the manual the program was difficult to understand.

OmniFocus 2 has a Fresh and Clean Interface

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There is no comparing the interface of OmniFocus 1 to 2. OmniFocus 2 represents a fresh, clean start for a powerhouse application. This is a very approacheable application. It also is more consistent with the rest of the product line. Finally, it conforms to the new interface design and elements that Apple has been espousing.

As such, the application is much nicer to use than OmniFocus 1. It has all the power of the original and then some. However, since it now is more consistent with the rest of the OmniFocus lineup you have what is referred to as flow between the apps. This is very important to GTD principles.

Overall, the new app is a major improvement over the old app in every way. However, if you know OmniFocus 1 you’ll have no problem knowing exactly how to operate OmniFocus 2. This is a large benefit. Further, knowing how to use the IOS apps will translate back and forth into knowing how to use any of the apps as the data architecture is consistent between these apps.

Two Choices


One of the very attractive features of OmniFocus 2 is there are now two versions to choose between. You can go with the standard version or the Pro version. The standard version will be adequate for most people’s needs as it invcludes everything in the pro version except three main functions of the pro version:

  • Custom Perpsectives
  • Focus
  • Applescripatbility

There really isn’t much in the above that I would think you could really do without. If you think about the Custom Perspectives they can be nice but there are so many ways to see your data in OmniFocus 2 it is probably only necessary to the most discerning.

In terms of focus this simply is referring to the ability to zero in on an area and block out everything else. This feature is questionable at best as it questions one’s ability to focus on a task. Is this really necessary is the question.

Finally, in terms of scriptability this would be used to create advanced custom workflows. However, to do this you have to have a knowledge of Applescript. Again, I would think this would appeal to a very narrow range of users as Applescript capability is difficult at best.

The cost difference between the two products is substantial. The Pro version is $79 and the standard version is $39 which is a $40 difference. The pro version, I would think, would appeal only to the most advanced of user and one who isn’t willing to compromise productivity for the allure of tinkering to accomplish that.

GTD requires a commitment to structure but it is also a very fluid system. You do not need the pro version to be a GTDr. Rather, it would boil down strictly to user preference and how they see themselves using the product.

A Very Nice Upgrade


OmniFocus 2 has been a while in coming but now that it is here it has been worth the wait. This should suit Omni for some time to come and users a like. It has the power of OmniFocus 1 but an approachable, modern and clean interface that makes it a delight to use. Keeping your life on stream should be made much easier with the new OmniFocus 2.

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