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Voodoopad is Cursed


Voodoopad 1

A while back I wrote about a very useful utility called Voodoopad. I found the program so useful I decided to install it on my iPad and iPhone. For some reason I could not get it to work as the documentation suggested. It struck me as something had to be doing something wrong but I could not figure out what that could have been.

I got in touch with support and I wasn’t doing anything wrong. They were fully aware of the problems and were working hard to overcome them. They indicated that in their upcoming release of sync would be working.

Voodoopad is Great provided…

Great wall of china

The theory behind Voodoopad is excellent in that you just write and link. The more you write and the more you link the more valuable your information becomes. In theory, the information translates into knowledge as you put together disparte pieces of information.

Other programs can do this and I am very keen on DEVONthink for this kind of function however, it isn’t fluid like Voodpad but rather much more structured. DEVONthink is powerful but it is more of a very powerful database that can store any kind of information. You create links which then create knowledge and this is what makes this a Knowledge Management system.

Voodoopad doesn’t replace DEVONthink or Evernote but rather enhances these programs. The WIKI nature of it allows you to bounce a round easily drawing items together in a very fluid.

However, the failure of Voodoopad to do work with its mobile tools is now its curse. Much was made of version 5 and the ability to do exactly what I‘m describing. In not doing it the system is a resounding failure as the impact is felt across platforms. If I were just working with the desktop as in the past all would be fine. However, once you introduce mobility and it doesn’t work neither does the thing you worked with.

The Curse might be Lifted

Lift curse

Software is a very open-ended thing. What worked for you once might eventually not. If it’s really good though you hold it in the hopes the developer will rectify the problem. Mobility is becoming the norm now. Sync is primarily cloud based and the cloud is growing more essential fast.

If a system stops working for us, we have to know when to let it go otherwise it will negatively affect productivity. If a system has few benefits it is relatively easy to assign it to our personal history books. However, this isn’t the case when a system is good and has provided a lot.

In the case of Voodoopad, it provides a lot in a rather unique way. With sync though now in the picture and so cursed it is easier just to either put it aside and wait and see if the developer fixes it or just use the primary application that you achieved the benefit from. However, this doesn’t necessarily work well in practice. Such a scenario is the case with Voodoopad and one can only hope the curse will be lifted and it becomes the workable system it once was.

Not Unique

This problem is far from unique where it comes to Voodoopad. It is all to common as mobility becomes increasingly important. Both sync and working with the cloud are difficult. There are far too many programs that have trouble on this front.

DEVONthink is an extremely useful product but at the desktop only. As it has extended to the mobile platform it has done poorly. It seems rather than getting easier for the developer this is getting all the more challenging.

As a user, one has to judge well when it is time to cut the cord. In some cases it is just more cost effective and efficient, if it’s possible, to switch to an alternate product that has mastered what you’re trying to do or is doing it well enough that your own application requirement can be met.

Oh Curse be Gone


In the case of Voodoopad it is more or less the hope that the curse is lifted and lifted soon. I find a great deal of utility in this program and there’s not really another program that replicates it well. However, there are programs that kind of do what Voodoopad is good at.

I will hope that the curse “be gone” and Voodoopad releases an update that gets the mobile components going. As long as the situation doesn’t last too long it won’t be that affecting. However, if it were to go on too long then you have to recognize the effect of the impact it’s having on your productivity, accept the consequences but move on. There is little point in backing a dead horse.

I hope for the best as Voodoopad does have a lot to offer. I’m encouraged by the developers words. However, I also appreciate the impact of productivity hampered. In the end, you hope for the best but prepare yourself just in case a course correction is required.

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