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When your iPad Air needs a little bit more Air


When your iPad Air needs a little bit more Air

These days, when they say you can never have too much memory or storage they aren’t kidding. This is not exactly true but in my case generally since I tend to take more than I need I’m usually fine but in the case of my iPad Air a little extra investment would have saved a lot of money. Plus, for many things, if I underestimate something, like how much cloud storage do I need, it is easily correctable by just buying more.

This is generally true with your Macs but I say this with a caveat. Macs that have SSD drives, like the Macbook Air might and cause a lock in. if you bought a 128 meg drive Macbook Air that’s what you’re caught at. Provided you’re not doing video this is probably adequate but that of course depends.

iPad Air 0n Oxygen

When I bought my iPad Air I bought it the day it came out. I decided it was now time to get a 32 gig device as my 16 gig was starting but not fully filling up. However, when I went to buy the device on day 1 they only had 16 and 64 gig models. I was convinced 64 greatly exceeded my needs.

However, I made a severe blunder. I decided I wanted that iPad Air so I got the 16 gig model. Although my iPad is only used generally for reading I’ll read on it books plus just about anything. This would not bring your iPad though to the point even a 16 gig model would need life support as what I was doing was not that data intensive; or was it.

When You’re Doing more than what you Think

Two things conspired to bring my iPad Air to its knees. Firstly, I have a ton of apps on the device. I like software. It’s a problem!!!

Secondly, I was using far more data than I realized. 0ne of my most heavily used applications DEVONthink was in its entirety sync’d to the Air. Although what you sync from DEV0Nthink can be controlled I sync’d the whole DB so if I needed something I would have it.

I also did not sync my music or photos to the Air but rather to my iPhone which is 32 gig. I thought this would save the Air substantially. However, buried in my data I had a lot of images.

It all starts to add up to the point suddenly your iPad Air needs some Air and …

When you have to upgrade but only if …

As I said earlier, had I waite to get the 32 gig unit which was only marginally my iPad Air cost would have been reasonable and wise. However, I did not wait for the 32 gig unit to come in. If I had just used a little caution my iPad Air would not have needed to be on Life Support.

Yet, my iPad’s memory problem had become too serious. I was deleting this and that and I shouldn’t have needed to. A little cleaning up and maintenance is a good thing. Trying to keep your iPad alive is not.

I decided to upgrade. I don’t fool around with memory on any device. I was unable to draw anything more from the cloud to help my iPad. It needed more memory. And that’s what I got.

Some would be Happy that I Decided to Replace the Device

A quick trip to the Apple store and this time I didn’t fool around. I got that 64 gig device that they had in stock back in November. A few dollars spent then would have saved a lot of dollars now spent.

With the 64 gig device in tow I now went to do a simple backup and restore from the old backup. This has never presented a problem and I swear the iPadian Gods were conspiring due to my initial folly.

That Initial Purchase

I relay this story to advise that the initial purchase of your iPad Air or for that matter any device should be thought through carefully in terms of what you plan on doing with the device. My mistake was not waiting for a 32 gig machine as that is what I at a base level needed. Saving a few dollars up front cost a lot more in the end. Assess your needs carefully and opt for a little on the over side than under as this is where it gets costly.

I could not do without my iPad Air. However, as with any device you can buy the best available, and the iPad is, but if it under equipped it will not perform as expected. You should not have to fiddle with things and try little tweaks as in my case to give yourself more memory. Get that which you need up front and you will save yourself hassles, enjoy the product you purchased and in the long run save yourself money.

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