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Typinator Version 6 a very Welcome Upgrade



Text Expansion utilities have proven their worth time and time again. Anyone who uses one would be extremely disinclined to give it up no matter what the incentive was. Typinator, one of the leading text expansion utiities, has just released Version 6 of the program with a wealth of enhancements. These enhancements are significant and will only cement loyalty to the company and the product.

It’s biggest rival, that being Text Expander, also has a loyal following. However, there are issues with Text Expander in terms of systems compatibility. Further, it is not nearly as fast. Typinator is known to be the fastest of the bunch and it remains so.

The Value of Text Expansion Functionality

Text expansion expand

In previous articles I’ve written such as Automation Revisited using Keyboard Maestro, Launchbar and Alfred I outline the value of automating as many functions as feasible as they are great time savers. One of the greatest time savers though is text expansion as often we write and rewrite the same phrases time and again.

Not only is a great deal of time saved by having a text expander expand our work but accuracy is improved dramatically. If it is correct in the expansion it will always be correct. The misspelling of addresses or email addresses etc can be avoided further saving us both embarrassment and time if we proof the document only to find an error.

Typinator has Dramatically Grown

Value of growth

Text Expander always seemed to be the text expansion utility people referenced when they were refering to text expansion. Not so anymore. Typinator is known to be the fastest of the the Text Expanders. It also seems to be developing a reputation as the most compatible vis-à-vis the system. Often when you’re having a system problem it relates to Text Expander and the way it manipulates the clipboard to transfer text.

Typinator not only is the fastest of the text expanders but it is also the most compatible. A question though remains then in terms of functionality. Does it provide the functionality of Text Expander. The answer is yes. It is loaded with capabilities too broad to go into in this document.

I would hold them side by side as equals in terms of functionality but the speed and compatibility especially appeal to me. I was having trouble with an application and it seemed to come down to Text Expander as the culprit.

The Capability

Bigstock Capability Maturity Model Inte 10971179

This article though is not to bash Text Expander as I’ve got many productive hours of use from it. I simply feel with Version 6 of Typinator is the one I prefer now. It has a much nicer interface than it used to have and it’s very logical the way it’s laid out. Searching for snippets globally is very fast as it is easy to forget a snippet. You do not have to leave your document to accomplish this but rather you’re taken a long for the ride.

If you go here for a complete Feature Overview you can see Typinator has a complete feature set. Combine this with its speed and ability to easily find a snippet and it becomes a compelling product.

Text Expansion without Question

In our quest to increase our productivity and make our lives a little easier the use of text expansion, especially to improve our performance when it comes to typing is without question a must have item. Text Expanders not only increase our output, reduce tedium but they also increase accuracy something that cannot be underestimated.

Typinator 6 can be as simple as you want it to be but it can also handle the more complex text expansion options. It’s a very nice upgrade with a lot of new features implemented based on user feedback. One of the things that increase likeability of the program is the new and refined user interface. It is a definite improvement over the version 5 product making it both easier to use and more enjoyable.

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