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When it’s time to do a New System Install


There comes a point in which it’s simply time to do a complete clean install of your Mac. This is no small endeavour in the slightest. Yet, there’s really no way to avoid it if all the tools you typically use fail to return your Mac to good health. Although your tools probably prove effective generally and should be ued in a good regimen of fine tuned maintenance there are times when it becomes clearer something is seriously wrong. You could spend hours at that without solving your problem or bite the bullet and do a clean install.

Before you embark on this course though ask youself the question about the make up of your system, how it had been performing, how many data migrations you might have done over time and how it is performing now relative to when it was knew. If you have a specific problem that is in some way based on the disk and nothing you’ve tried from say Disk Utility through to Disk Warrior helps, then it might be time to seriously consider a clean install.

Tremendous Payoff but…

Doing a clean install of your operating system and all of its data can have a tremendous payoff. You will feel as if you are using a new computer. In ways, you will be. A clean install is installing the operating system and all its data as if its new. This is not a data migration which pulls with it all of the associations from the past. Rather, it is a completely new installation and everything such as its supporting files are fresh. A lot of the garbage that has been created over years is left behind. As such, you’re machine should be working and running smoother and faster.

A Lot of work Though

Before embarking on this course however, you must bear in mind that everything is being reinstalled as new and if its not from Apple’s app store will likely require the licensing information plus the non app store apps load generally from a dmg files. This is a huge amount of work and thus that’s why its very important to run maintenace routines regularly so as to avoid this.

However, it is not always possible to avoid the inevitable. There simply may be no way to solve the problem that exists without doing a clean install.

To Start

To do a clean install involves first re-installing your operating system on a freshly erased home disk. After installing the OS there will be nothing but what you get when you buy your new Mac.

Now it’s time to add the software. This is where the work begins. If your software exists on the app store it’s fairly easy to re-install. However, for those apps that are third party you will have to install them individually each with their license. Likely, you’ll also have to reconfigure each application.

Finally, you’ll need to pull only the related data back from a backup. Ensure you just move the data file back and not any configuration files.

That’s It

That’s it. It will likely take you a few days to get everything back in place and the way you like it. You should find you have a lot more usable disk space. On a 256 meg MacBook Pro any amount of extra space is nice to have.

Most importantly though is your machine should be running in tip top shape. I know this is a lot of work. However, the end result is well worth it. A system with more disk space and efficient use of memory makes this exercise, though laborious so valuable.

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