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A Mouse Continuously Charged


A Mouse Continuously Charged

2014 07 18 22 29 16

This might not seem like much but it is more than it at first appears. Apple now sells the Mobee Magic Charger for Apple Magic Mouse a method which allows you to keep your mouse always charged up. It is slightly more than this in that even using rechargeable batteries, the mouse is so hard on the batteries that you are constantly recharging them. It gets in the way of just working smoothly with your system.

The Little things can be big Things

In a way, this would seem like a little thing. However, it’s not. Having to constantly deal with a dying mouse is time consuming. I found this to fairly intense in that they always seemed to be dying.

I never thought anything of it though. Till one day I was in the Apple store and I saw the product. I knew immediately what it did and was actually rather delighted I discovered the product. As simple as it seems, it was sophisticated in nature. It keeps my batteries comstantly charged.

Before I discovered the Mobee Magic Charger for Apple Magic Mouse I might be doing a demo and the batteries would begin to die. Not fun!

It is Everything I could want and More

The mouse charger does everything I could want and more. Should I ever forget to place the mouse on the charger and keep it chaarged I could easily just put batteries in it till I brought it back up to speed. This is a simple but very flexible device.

It will pay for itself many times over in more ways than one. It’s definetly one of those simple finds that is just so simple in what it does yet so useful. Sometimes the computer can be so overly complex that when you find something that works so simply it really is a positive find.

Mouse cheese

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