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Become a Member as The Mac View/Daily View Continues to Enhance the User Experience


Overflow of information

In an ongoing effort to provide both highly relevant and valuabe information to the user the Mac View/Daily Mac View has redesigned the look and feel of the Mac View. Although previously it provided a beneficial starting place a long with relevant information for the new user sites, it has been enhanced to further provide a better user experience with more dynamic information.

Handpicked Information

Handpicked info

The Mac View will continue to be the jumping off point to both sites and provide articles of more immediate and pertinent information. You will note two major changes to the Mac View immediately. The starting point page of the Mac View now provides dyanamic, ongoing news updates. These updates are handpicked in that they are the most important of the days news. Rather than just giving you a smorgasburg of something to read, the entry page is designed to by both dynamic and yet only the best and most interesting news stories will be hosted there.

User Experience and Navigability

Navigation info

The second most significant change of the Mac View is the way it presents info to users. It has been designed to put the most pertinent information in front of you to the left most of the menu bar and as you go to the right side its pertinence would continue to dimish. These changes are as significant to the iPad Air as they are to any mobile device.

Yet, the design considers the desktop also and makes it yet simpler to obtain info from the site as relevant on all platforms which is easier to navigate. Navigation and usability were key in the redesign of the site and hopefully the readership would see it that way.


The sites are further designed to work together. At the Daily Mac View you will find more in depth and anlaytical articles that are deeper in their level of content. Although both sites are content driven the Mac View is of a slightly different way.

Membership has its Advantages


Finally, we encourage you take out membership in the site. Taking out membership will ensure you get any newsletters. More importantly, you will get flyers or news letters to product delivered by Stack Social at a significant savings. Although this information is available to you at anytime on the site, the newsletters are more specific. They will only be sent when something really stands out as a good value and the product is quite interesting.

Hopefully, you find these changes to the site postiive and enjoyable. Your feedeback is always welcome.

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