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Crossing Boundaries with BBM


In writing “Evernote Crosses All Borders with Ease” I began to think about the Mac and how powerful its ecosystem is. That is, within the Mac environment everything talks to everything so well. Others with iPhones or Macs can talk to each other easily. However, what happens when you step outside the boundaries of the Mac and your friend has a Windows, Android or Blackberry. At this point, you can be reduced to using text which is all pervasive.

There’s a better way though and that’s by using the system that started the whole chat movement within a system and that Blackberry Messenger. It has been ported to all of the environments mentioned and of course runs on the Blackberry. However, for it to be of value, it has to do more than text otherwise why not just use text. Fortunately, Blackberry Messenger does a way more than text equally across platforms.

The Value of Boundary Breakdown

The Mac and all the products this general term refers to for the purposes of this writing is an exceptional environment. The ecosystem is what makes the Mac so powerful a long with its highly capable devices. However, people will always choose based on different preferences. There are man who have chosen Android as an example. Communications is critical and open communications is exceptionally critical. This is more so true in business however, it is universally applicable.

Choice is a good thing in terms of what one purchases. It maintains healthy competition. However, just because one person has chosen one device over another doesn’t mean they shouldn’t be able to communicate in the highest level possible.

Certainly email crosses all boundaries as does text messaging and this is a good thing. However, Blackberry Messenger crosses the main boundaries yet provides communications at a higher level. That is, the type, depth and capability of the communication is richer. It can be as simple as text chatting, to a quick telephone call and then if necessary a video chat.

Within Blackberry Messenger you can flow through these capabilities as you can in iMessage for the Mac. Unlike iMessage for the Mac though you can use Blackberry Messenger to talk to people beyond your Mac ecosystem with those that have chosen a different platform for whatever reason.

Platform Independence

At the Daily Mac View platform independence is seen as a good thing for a variety of reasons. One, it will occur regardless of how good any one platform is. Freewill and choice will guarantee that.

Considering that there will alway be platform independence the idea of locking a person into an island unto themselves is not only foolhardy, it’s dangerous. To ensure the greatest level of productivity requires connectivity and ability to exchange information. The higher the level of information exchange allowed the greater the value.

Text messaging and email guarantees the ubiquity of information exchange between non like platforms. However, they do not provide the same high level of communication exchange as something like iMessage for Apple products and BBM for the four different platforms BBM runs on equally. Thus, BBM has the advantage of ubiquitous information sharing yet at the highest level.

Enhanced Productivity

When I refer to enhanced productivity I’m not just referring to how fast a process can be carried out but the quality that process brings to any thought or decision. Enhanced productivity can therefore be seen at both the personal and business level.

There’s no question iMessage enhances the quality of one’s communication with another over say text messaging. BBM did this for the Blackberry solely. The advantage of today’s BBM is it is cross platform. The quality of the communications provided by BBM are now available across platforms.

You are able to talk to the Android, Windows, Blackberry or iPhone user now equally but at a high level. BBM just requires that a user is confirmed in your contacts list. This is slightly different than iMessage which does not require such confirmation. However, once you confirm the addition of people to your BBM contacts list you can communicate at a low to high level as follows:

  • text chat
  • telephone call
  • image exchange
  • video exchange
  • video call

A wide range of communication is available. This therefore improves both personal and business communications.

If it Looks Like a …

Is this an open system. It certainly is a system that takes you beyond a proprietary realm in which you can only work within the confines of one vendor’s product to working across systems.

In essence, BBM has become a defacto Open System with all the benefits that entails. Increased movement in this direction is beneficial. It is fantastic that we can communicate across systems using BBM. The more software products that run multi-platform the further ahead we are.

Others have moved in this direction to cross platform functionality. Evernote is an excellent example. Microsoft’s OneNote is another good example although it currently doesn’t run on Blackberry.

To encourage vendor’s to provide this level of functionality is beneficial to all. The consumer benefits but so too does the vendor who creates what can be referred to as a defacto standard. The vendor increases their breadth of capability and thus desirability for the product whilst the consumer benefits through increased functionality.

BBM represents an excellent example of cross platform functionality that is brought to the table. To embrace this is to benefit in both immediate and long term.

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