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When OneNote Trumps


One would think there are a lot of information managers out there to choose from. There used to be. Many still exist such as Yojimbo and SOHO Notes but their time in the sun has faded.

Cloud based information management systems have superceded either the stand-alone breed or the one’s that worked solely by WIFI sync. People today want their data to be totally portable. Especially where it comes to an information manager it is almost not conceivable to have all your information with you where ever you are and accessible where ever you happen to be. For the latter to happen you have to have an information manager that is cloud based.

Information Where Ever and When Ever

It’s not hard to see people living on their iPhones and their iPads. The days when people toted their laptops around with them are becoming less. Additionally, the laptop is often a secondary system to the primary desktop system where really all the information is kept but kept in theory only.

All these mobile devices I’ve mentioned require if not the information residing on them access to that infomation. This can only be accomplished if you’re connected to the cloud.

The information must be reliable also. It cannot be missing something. Reliability of information transfer has become critical. Many decisions are being made based on the information that comes back from the mobile device.

Two Systems Cut the Mustard

Many of the information management systems have been discussed in other articles at the Daily Mac View. The intent of this paper is not to discuss the merits of these systems or their feature set. Rather it is to discuss the systems that can provide you with information anywhere you happen to be on at the most basic level your iPhone, which you might generally always have with you, your iPad and another computer such as a MacBook Air.

However, our devices might be broader than that and this is starting to get important. That is, if the applications ran on both the Apple set and say Windows devices this would be considered a bonus.

EverNote and OneNote

EverNote and OneNote, for this purposes of this article solely, meet the criteria. They are both cloud based and the information is available on all our primary devices in the Apple world.

However, as a huge plus they run on Windows and so too Android. Thus, they have a broad base of access. Most importantly, since these systems are cloud based, the information you can obtain is identical across all platforms. In essence, you might be out and have to make a decision based on critical information that is either in EverNote or OneNote. This is not a concern as that information is available on your mobile devices. The idea that you forgot to sync before you went out the door is yesterday’s news. If it is the case, it’s time to re-evaluate. It might be perfectly fine to use a product of this nature but what if you’re somewhere and you need to make a decision, forgot to sync and that information is back at home. This could be more than an inconvenience and will eventually not be acceptable.


As we are in a transitional economy, one based on new and old principles combined but one in which we will transition else those that don’t will loose, we are transitioning our information systems. The days of our stand-alone systems, as valuable as we found them at the time are a dying breed.

In the interim, information managers or notebooks came out that provided mobile versions but the data was provided to them via local wi-fi sync. This was certainly a step in the right direction and very liberating but it still presented the problem what if we forgot to sync before leaving the house.

Now, information of all kinds is being made available via the cloud. The Information manager is also being provided with its information via the cloud to all kinds of mobile devices. However, not every information manager that we can think of can do this.


EverNote has been cloud based from its beginnings. Now a highly robust system, information is made available to a large stable of mobile devices. EverNote is now a slick service that can provide great value in the information based economy.

EverNote clients are available for every Mac device plus it is on Windows and Android. EverNote, via its cloud based system has large and consistent presentation. This is extremely important as you want the information to be identical across platforms.


OneNote from Microsoft is really Evernote’s only true competitior is this regard. It has a long history and has a solid reputation. It too is based on the delivery of information via the cloud and in this case using Microsoft’s OneDrive.

OneNote also runs on a plethora of devices including all the Apple products, Windows and Android phones.

The only True Competition in this Specific Space

EverNote and OneNote really are the only two products to provide competition in this space which will only gain in ground. Products such as Together, Soho Notes, DEVONthink, Yojimbo etc are all being eclipsed by the cloud based systems primarily due to their breadth of reach and the consistency.

This does not mean any of the products that I mentioned that are not cloud based are not used and enjoyed by many. They are. It’s only their days are numbered. The general populace will want information that is totally mobile.

OneNote or EverNote – does it Matter?

At the moment, between the two products, OneNote trumps. It does not trump based on feature set or cloud delivery capability. It trumps based on capacity which again is going to be extremely important. Since OneNote is based on OneDrive it is based on your OneDrive space. If you have Office 365 and especially if you have Office 365 even for small business you will have plenty of capacity to do a lot.

Evernote the free version is very limiting in terms of storage per month and bandwidth used. Evernote Premium is also limited just not as much. Unfortunately, you could easily exceed its capacities depending on what you’re doing.

Thoughtful Consideration

It will be important to assess your needs going forward very carefuly. Exceeding storage and bandwidth limitations can be expensive. For the present, one would just have to conclude OneNote trumps.

Considering Microsoft’s CEO’s position on the cloud, Microsoft is definetly playing a leadership role here. For the consumer, they can only win in this scenario.

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