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A Video Comparison of OmniFocus, Things and TODO Pro as they impact you and GTD


In the video I discuss the merits of three task managers that are all GTD systems in their own right. In this video you will see a discussion on:


Task Management is about getting Things Done to Reduce Stress

The focus of the video is a discussion around GTD, it’s intentions and how these tools support the goal. I conclude generally that OmniFocus is overkill for most people’s needs. Further, OmniFocus presents the user with an extensive amount of information. In practice, it is too much to wade through and is ultimately distracting.

TODO has been around for a long time but in this new iteration it has been pulled off extremely well. It has a great look and feel and if rather spiffy. Further, it is not only identical from one platform to the other in the Mac line but is cross platform and can be run on both Android and Blackberry 10 devices. This is tremendously powerful and liberating.

There is something about Things that makes it a very nice tool. TODO Pro is a full GTD program but can be made as simple as you’d like. Things is a more traditional yet looser GTD program than OmniFocus. Things presents information in a way that is very digestible.

For me it is clear cut that except unless you know OmniFocus extremely well this is overkill and is too much. TODO Pro can do it all basically and it is extremely reasonable.

However, I see a role for Things at a broader level. Is it necessary with TODO Pro. For most I would say not and it isn’t inexpensive. Yet, if you’re so inclined it does provide value in that it presents information and captures information differently.

The added views on your data and its scope make it a nice addition for the more complex of projects. However, should you want something that is both fast where you can just get in and out and yet is very powerful and well designed, TODO Pro will probably fit the bill. I would though definitely consider Things in your scenario as an alternative for TODO if you tend to prefer its look or as an extension to TODO.

Regardless of choice, it is very important not to let your task manager control you but guide you to enhanced productivity. OmniFocus, would tend to lead to the former whilst the other two the latter.

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