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Bringing your Desktop to Life with My Living Desktop


Bringing your Desktop to Life with My Living Desktop

It’s hard to imagine an article about the desktop and this being something of interest. Yet, this is and the desktop if boring now can be made very interesting yet extremely useful.

In the article I’ll look at a specific application that will bring your desktop to life. However, the article will explore other aspects of the desktop that can make it an intrinsic deliver of information.

Soothing, Beautiful and Tasteful – My Living Desktop

This is just one of the scenes of many that change every 30 minutes. This is a dynamic scene in that the waves are moving as occurs in everyone of My Living Desktops backdrops. These scenes are at a minimum beautiful and at their best fascinating. The one they the all seem to do is provide for a very soothing backdrop while you’re working. If you’re writing, they do not provide any distraction and if you say write in a Markdown editor for it’s distraction free approach to writing, this in no way hinders the process;

In fact, on the other hand they can enhance the whole experience by producing a relaxing, soothing environment vis-a-vis a varied collection of scenes. Some scenes are a series of beach and ocean scenes while others are space scenes and others that of mountains. All in all, they help induce a tranquil state thereby enhancing your writing pleasure.

Little things like this help get the creative juices flowing. It is both fun and practical/beautiful and yet compelling. At no time, have I ever felt like I’m tired of this and the novelty has worn off.

Productivity Enhancement

Having a soothing desktop that works with you is surprisingly beneficial towards increased productivity. it relaxes you while you’re working and provides backdrops that subconsciously remove you from the raucous. You’re mind is more capable at focusing on the task at hand when it is quieter.

Things that clutter your desktop are actually counter productive. Thus, having more than one workspace is beneficial as there are definitely times that arise in which it is useful to have what we’re trying focus on all in one spot and as de-cluttered as possible. Then add to your environment My Living Desktop and you just aid yourself in your task of getting things done.


Although OSX has Spaces through Mission Control this is a fairly linear environment in which each space follows the other, When moving from one space to another it is in a linear fashion. You can add Quickeys to jump around however visual cues work the best.

Totalspaces provides greater flexibility in the creation and management of your desktops. Add this to your Mac and you can have multiple desktops each with their own focussed named appropriately greatly de-cluttering your desktop.

In conjunction with my Living Desktop, the addition of function that de-clutters has a beneficial effect on productivity.

The Desktop that Provides Information

Your desktop is a place that cannot only provide a soothing environment to work in which can be uncluttered wherein you can feel in more control, it can also be one that provides useful information.

Calendar on the Desktop

As an example of activating your desktop further without creating clutter yet providing useful information Calendar on the desktop is just such an app. Invoking it will provide both a nice calendar integrated with OSX’s calendar and a clock.

The calendar will actually tell you when appointments are coming up. To see your Calendar at all times just use Mission Control and Expose to reveal the desktop.

A Desktop Rich in Information

As can be seen, the desktop can be way more than a mere, cluttered space. It can be visually beautiful and rich in information. Further, it can be a very uncluttered series of workspaces always pleasing to work in and something in which you feel much more in control.

Enhancing your desktop and using it wisely so that you are working with discrete pieces of related information in various spaces adds to productivity, a greater sense of control and something that can be both fascinating and relaxing to watch. Take advantage of your desktop knowing that a little investment in time can pay bountiful dividends. If nothing else, you’ll enjoy working on it.

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