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Apple Announces Large but it isn’t the iPhone that is the Big Deal


Little pig vs big pig

Last Tuesday Tim Cook had a big day. He announced the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus. It was a big day that makes the beginnings of larger phones. The rumour mill was pretty right on.

People seem pretty pleased by the iPhone 6 and Plus. They are nice and they look great. There was no time however, to get the new Sapphire glass ready but it sounds like it might have been in short supply for a phone expected to sell extremely well.

However, although there were new, great devices ready for the show Tim Cook made an announcement about Apple Pay. This is a new payment method that is being designed that would allow you to use your iPhone to pay for merchandise from a credit card stored in the iPhone. This is the really big deal.

Larger screened Phones are what People Want

It is clear, from the success of larger screened Androids that people are seeking larger screened devices. Done right, they provide extra screen real estate for say reading and as long as they’re not overdone they can still fit comfortably in the hand or even a pocket.

However, if they start getting too large it’s time to consider an iPad. The device is no longer a phone but has phone capabilities. It would look ridiculous to have someone walking around with something like this to their ear.

It is expected that the 4.7” iPhone 6 will do well in North America while the 5.5” is expected to do well in Asia. Many people want their smartphone to fit comfortably in the hand. Yet still, young people like to be able to stuff their device in their pocket. The 5.5” doesn’t really accommodate either of the above needs.

Apple Pay was the Really Large Announcement of the Day

Barrel of money

Certainly, there was tremendous pent-up demand for the iPhone 6. Lineups formed quickly and in some cases well in advance of the day of the launch. One really must ask themselves though if there isn’t something abnormal in this behavior. It certainly isn’t a life or death scenario but a phone and the desire for one is legitimate but in this case it and others it certainly can get carried to the extreme.

What though was probably the truly large announcement of the day in this author’s opinion, was Apple Pay. If Apple were to pull this off it would be revolutionary in outcome and benefit.

No longer would we need a wallet load of credit cards. They could be stored in the phone and the phone could be used as if it were a credit card.

This is not just a big announcement. It is revolutionary in its impact. Consumers and vendors alike would benefit in a substantial way.

The Clout

Apple’s chances of success are remarkably high due to the penetration of the iPhone. So many people have an iPhone suddenly this could become a reality.

There are many reasons the impact of this would be resounding. There is both the incentive to make it happen and to have it succeed. We are doing things almost the way we did them 50 years ago but that was a different time and era if you will. Credit card fraud is one of the highest level scam propositions and millions could be saved if such a system were to come into existence.

Add to that the convenience of such a system and it is no wonder both the demand for this and the actualization of such a system is high.

The Apple of the Past Week

Happy steve jobs

This quality proposition of the last week is the Apple that we know and love. Apple has a large incentive to pull this off as it would drive sales for Apple but from a social point of view it would be one of the most resounding things that could occur with technology as it is today.

Apple is an evolutionary and a revolutionary company in the products it brings to market. It is a company we both love and respect. Our hearts are behind this company. The hope is high that with Steve Jobs gone Apple can still be that company that changes things for the better. If they can pull this off, they will likely no longer be doubted that the loss of Steve Jobs means that his spirit was lost. The spirit of the man who brought us some of the most wonderful products lives on.

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