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Site News and Enhancements


This is just a brief communique to let everyone know that I am working on the site to bring you more value added content. In this case, I’m preparing video content to share with you.

Testing Required

As I work on improving the site by adding further multi-media enhancements, this time through the addition of video, I have to unfortunately test to find the best server and resolution so that it fits nicely into an article but the resolution isn’t so degraded that it is hard to watch.

I think I have come up with the answer to both problems. At proper resolution, the video looks great but scales off the screen as it is too large. However, there is a scaled down size and converter I’m using that provides appropriate screen presentation and although there is the loss of crisp resolution, I feel it is acceptable.

The Results will be Worth It

By providing some of the content I’d like to share with you via media it gives you a different mechanism to obtain useful information in a different style that can be nuanced so that it just simply is more enjoyable to consume. As such, bear with me for at least today while I work through this. Also, be sure to let me know how you experience the information and this delivery.

Further News to Come

A lot of work has been done, primarily to the Mac View, but also to the Daily Mac View to ensure a good experience as you consume the content, so to speak. I would like to do a longer article to explain a number of these changes.

Benefits to All

For all of us, we benefit due to these changes. As an example, by providing video on some information I’d like to relate to you it gives me a different technique to transfer the information while hopefully you find it more fun to consume. Further, I think the transfer of information in this fashion adds to completeness of the information I’d like to share.

As usual, all questions and feedback are welcome.

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