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The PC ain’t what it Used to Be


With the introduction of the updates to the major virtualization programs it can easily be seen that the nature of what defines the PC is changing. Both Parallels and now VMWare have had large updates. Although these programs run your Windows in a Virtual machine on the Mac you have to carefully question is not your Mac really a PC too or it has within the makings of a PC.

A PC is a Mac and a Mac is a PC

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The hardware that drives either environment is essentially the same. Traditionally, the hardware on the Mac has been superior to that of a PC as the Mac software required a lot of horsepower.

Now the hardware is essentially so powerful that in the case of say a Mac Pro we are not really talking PC here but rather a workstation class machine which essentially is just an extremely powerful PC.

What makes a PC a PC is the software. In the case of a Windows PC it is Microsoft’s Windows 8 software and in the case of a Mac it is OSX. That’s it. If you run on your Mac, either in its own Window or side by side with Mac programs Windows your running Windows on a Mac and if you assign a desktop solely to run Windows that desktop is no different than a dedicated PC.

The Mac though is Running Windows at Native Speeds

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What makes your Mac so essentially powerful in this scenario is its ability to run Windows and now fairly well at native PC speeds. There is, for all intents and purpose, no difference. This is incredibly powerful.

Happy mac
Your Mac is not just able to run as a Mac but can run as both at the same time or can run the programs individually. The investment in a Mac provides you with far more than you could entertain running a sole PC.

Data Transparency between Environments

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To elaborate on this, data transfer between these environments is fully transparent. You can cut, copy and paste without forethought. File can just be moved around and you don’t even have to think about where they come from except just in the case of which application is capable running the file. But isn’t it nice that on your piece of hardware called the Mac you just have to choose the appropriate application. You have to do that regardless.

The file systems coexist as if they didn’t exist independently at all. They do in the VM but you’d never know it. All you know as a user is you have a Mac, a PC on a Mac that feels the same as a dedicated PC and then you have the two just coexisting side by side..

No Networks Required Here

At one time, to get data to move so transparently between environments you would use translators and networks and the such. In a virtual environment one questions themselves as to whether they need it not how it can be done and whether it can be done.

I would say that probably most people will not require a virtual machine however, if there is at all the possibility you might have to run Windows then get one. It is a small price for so much convenience. This is nothing like days gone by. Further, anything that can prevent you from having to purchase a windows machine is a good thing.

Full Functionality

All systems go
At the Mac Viewand the Daily Mac View these systems have been announced and highlighted so you can get more specific information on either there or for the full specs at the vendor’s web site. I can assure you though the VMware Fusion or Parallels Desktop will give yu full Windos functionality allowing these two different operating systems to perfectly coexist in harmony.

Choosing one over the other is more a matter of personal taste and preference but not about performance any longer. Joe Kissell wrote a really good article around this at MacWorld titled “Running Windows on a Mac: Why I prefer VMware Fusion.” I would suggest reading this article as it will help you out in determining which one to choose.

Things Just Aren’t what they Used to Be

Good old days
Not all change is good. In this case though it is very good. I see no reason any longer that a company should hesitate bringing Macs into their environment as they will fully fit into the network and be able to run any software you throw at it.

However, you will have the added advantage of using Mac software some of which is very sophisticated and has not been nor can be replicated in Windows. Further, the Mac is a more secure system than a PC. Integration, security and reliability as Macs are some of the most computers available should be sufficient enough reasons to take advantage of the new Virtual Machines.

I feel that with these upgrades to both Parallels 10 and VMWare Fusion 7 a new day is dawning. It is a day that gets rid of any concern around performance and/or reliabilility. It is yet another reason the continued growth of the Mac’s share of the market can occur. For many, this is a very positive scenario.

New dawn

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