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Video analysis using the GTD Tools TODO, OmniFocus and Things


In this video I follow on from my previous video titled “A VIDEO COMPARISON OF OMNIFOCUS, THINGS AND TODO PRO AS THEY IMPACT YOU AND GTD” in which I am left stuck pondering whether there’s a role for the traditional GTD programs such as Things.

I this video, I clearly see a role for OmniFocus if you want to spend the money. My view though is that TODO’s new version 7 is comprehensive, systematic and intuitive supporting all the major principles of GTD this is all you need and it is very reasonable.

However, should you have the money, the addition of a cheap and cheerful program such Clear along with OmniFocus for the expanded views could prove very beneficial.

It is this beneficial component that justifies costs quickly. To be avoided though is wherein you generate so many projects and tasks you have no time to do anything. This goes starkly against the guiding precepts of GTD and rather than being a stress reliever the programs become stress inducers.

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