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Easily Password Protecting a file so No Other Eyes Can See


I was working the other day and had to send off sensitive information to another party. Normally, every thing I send is not of much concern but I’m, as I think others are, getting a little more cautious with their information. I’ve been hacked more than once and my credit card has been compromised a couple of times.

Mind you, I buy a lot on the internet. I’ve quite taken to internet shopping. Whereas a a couple of years ago, I probably only bought software on the internet that’s changed dramatically. With it though I realize my confidential information is in many hands. A first rule around this now is careful is the watch word.

Wanted to transfer an Encrypted, Locked File

I decided around an activity I was undertaking, I had to send some sensitive information to the other party. I thought I’ll just password protect the file so that the other party would just unlock it with a password.

Not Quite as Simple as it Appeared

I realized very quickly this wasn’t going to be as simple as I thought it would be. I had no idea what would do what I wanted. I played with a few things and to no avail. Nothing was quite working as well as I wanted it to.


As I was searching around, I suddenly thought about Winzip a program I would often use to archive information. I have lots of disk space but I find it to be a program that lets me put a pie of stuff in it and I thus clean up my disk. Old stuff just gets archived to Winzip. I sometimes use Stuffit Deluxe for the same thing but they both support zip so they are cross compatible.

I had just bought Winzip 3 for the Mac and thought I had noticed something about encryption on it. In fact, there is and this was the very simple answer I was looking to.

I simply took my information, wrote it in a basic text file and transferred it to the other party. All they had to do is put the password in and voila; the file unlocked.

This is not just a locked file but and encrypted and locked file. I could actually do it with the archives on my disk but only the information in my 1password and now Dashlane is of a value it’s all protected.

Another Day, Another Solution

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