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Lighter, Thinner, Faster: iPhone 6


I find it hard to believe. I thought the iPhone 5s was as light as a phone could be but I’m wrong. The iPhone 6 is lighter. In fact, it feels as light as an iPod Touch 5g.

I also thought the iPhone 5s was as thin as they could make a powerful phone. Really, this isn’t a phone any longer but a computer you hold in your hand. However, I was wrong about this also. The iPhone 6 is thinner and noticeably so.

Finally, I always felt a phone could be faster but I never thought I need anything faster than the iPhone 5s. Wrong again. The iPhone 6 is faster than the 5s but this time it is noticeably faster. When you touch for an app it is there instantly. Processes occur in no time and you don’t wait on the iPhone 6 for anything.

Do I need this extra speed. The answer is here a clear yes. Once you have it and you see what can be done with it you then also realize that you need it. This is a clear distinction from I want it to I need it. I do need the extra speed and find that some tasks that I might have left for the computer I no longer do and just do them on my iPhone.

The Mark of Beauty

It’s odd to think of a phone as beautiful. However, when you look at it and use the iPhone 6 it really is a work of art. Technology is now almost penetrating new boundaries.

The processors in a small iphone or the compute engines are more powerful than the mainframes of years of yore. The connectivity is now taking on new dimensions. With the iPhone 6 came, in many manners of thinking, a new icloud. ICloud is now taking on the shape of other cloud services that we are used to but it is maintaining its high mobile interconnectivity to keep your Apple devices in sync.

The Ecosystem that Works

Others have an ecosystem however, in many cases they don’t work that well. Microsoft is a good example of this. Its Mac product, Mac Office 2011, is now so dated it is close to laughable. It doesn’t work. It’s basically that simple.

When a part of the ecosystem breaks down, in a fashion, the whole ecosystem is broken. Files that you create in one place might either be hard to get to the other part of the ecosystem or once there they simply don’t work.

This cannot be said of the Mac ecosystem. Everything just works and its simple. In its simplicity there is beauty. Everything talks to everything. Everything is in sync. Everything sync’s instantaneously. You want to watch a movie on your AppleTV but it’s on your iPad. No problem. Start playing and turn on Airplay. Your AppleTV lights up and way you go. If you don’t you just have it on the wrong HDMI port.

No Need to Look Back

There is no need to look back if you’re an Apple guy. What worked has simply lead to what we have which works in a slightly more elegant fashion with devices that are remarkably cool. The word awesome comes to mind or awesomeness.

While Microsoft tries to realize even what they have and they do have a remarkable infrastructure its just someone needs to tell Microsoft that as they don’t get it. Apple does. This is one of the differences between beauty and ugly.

Apple was never an ugly duckling. From the first MacInstosh all through the line possibly except for the days Steve Jobs was gone we just never had an ugly duckling.

As they say, beauty is in the eye of the beholder. However, this beholder is only but one of millions who know; just know what they have,

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