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Sending and working with an Encrypted/Password Protected File Simply


At first glance, something like encrypting and password protecting a file that you either want to keep from prying eyes on your computer or more significantly through the internet sounds like it should be a piece of cake. In fact, it is but you have to find the software that can do this for you yet is universal so that others can work with the file. This is not a small feat as there really is nothing except this one piece of commercial software I found that does what I need plus some. This doesn’t mean there’s not something else but I don’t know what that is.

Winzip for the Mac

Winzip for the Mac, from all appearances, just seems to be a program that you can zip your fies individually or in a container both saving disk space and keeping them all logically together. This alone is extremely valuable as zip is such a common format between the Mac and the PC. However, Winzip goes an extra mile. It also supports encrypting and password protecting your main file/s.

What at first seemed like a perplexing solution was that simple. There’s a lot of stuff now that you may want password protected that is sent out over the internet. Movies is example. Not that you’d necessarily want to encrypt the movie but rather you might want information related to the movie encrypted.

As an example, to use the movie you might want to relay information such as a password that you don’t want in free text format. Rather you want your friend to go into the file you’ve sent independently that is password protected.

I’ll touch on some of the ramifications of this in today’s world but for now let’s just accept that this is a solution. Winzip is not very expensive and can save you a lot of disk space in addition to this function. Further, if you feel you need to do some houseworking chores, Winzip would be a good place to start putting unused files in some logical format then password protecting itl

Winzip costs $29.95 and in some ways this sounds expensive but you look at what you can do with the program and the benefits that accrue then it’s a small price to pay.

If you wanted to Transfer Credit Information

As an example of the value of password protecting a file think of credit card information that you may need to send someone. This is definitely information you do not want to fall into the wrong hands. This is the perfect thing to encrypt then password protect.

Well Worth the Investment for more than one Reason

For more than one reason, I would say Winzip would be one of those programs that you could easily justify the cost. There is often a fair bit of information that you send people that only they should see and pssword protection along with encryption can help ensure this.

There might be be and probably is information sitting on your disk that only you should see. Plus, most of us coud probably afford to do some organization of the files siting on their disks. It’s not necessary, in most cases, to delete files to free up disk space but rather by shrinking the file, organizing the file and password protecting it you’re making a substantive contribution in regaining control of your files and your valuable information.

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