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Upgrading to the iPad Air 2: Those who would Benefit


The iPad Air 2 is a beautiful device. It is sleek, light and fast; very fast. It is by far Apple’s finest iPad and Apple has only built good iPads. Although this iPad has truly raised the bar, it would not make a lot of sense for some people.

Those with an iPad Air

Those who have an iPad Air would see little to no benefit in upgrading. The iPad Air was already such a fine machine you would notice little difference that would warrant a full reinvestment of your money in the device.

Although the iPad Air is faster, you really can’t feel the speed difference as it was already so fast. Secondly, although the device is thinner it is only marginally thinner. All your peripherals would be affected and likely have to be changed.

Then you finally look at it being a lighter device and wouldn’t it be easier to read that book? My experience was the Air was so light in the first place that the difference in weight can’t really be that noticed.

Not the Case for all the other iPads

From the 4 backwards, there are a ton of benefits to be obtained by upgrading. Weight is a big factor. If you like to read there is nothing nicer than the feather weight of the Air 2. The 4 as an example really requires two hands to hold it comfortably and read. The Air 2 only requires one hand to comfortably hold and read from it.

From a speed benefit, you get a real bang for your buck the farther you go back. However, even the 4, which is a very fast machine, will benefit if you switch to an Air 2.

If you you move from the iPad 2, an incredibly popular machine due to its thinness and weight, there is no contest here as the weight of the Air 2 is just so light.

Finally, the version 1 simply cannot run today’s IOS apps by and a large. Thus, Thus, if you really want to use an exceptional system the argument in favour of the Air 2 is a no brainer

Upgrading from all iPads to the Air 2 Makes Perfect Sense Except With Respect to the Current Air

To upgrade from any iPad except the current iPad Air or that which was the currenct machine makes perfect sense. In some cases, there might only be a few benefits but there will be benefits. For the avid reader a little difference in reading weight can instill a lot of comfort when reading an excessively long and heavy book.

For the v2 user, the Air will be like steping from skating on stone to that of crafted glass. Everything about the device has been radically enhanced except that of its intrinsic nature of that of an iPad.

An Upgrade will Benefit all

Your particular machine might not need upgrading however, there still can remain a benefit that outweighs the cost. With respect to Apple’s iPad Air 2 you are gettting the finest iPad Apple has built. I would not be surprised, thinking that you must have the latest and greatest, that you just have to have the iPad Air 2. Payback time may in fact rest simply in the fact that the iPad Air 2 exists.

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