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When A BlackBerry slips into the Mac Ecosystem


When A BlackBerry slips into the Mac Ecosystem

There are times when another platform will become part of your Mac ecosystem but reluctantly. However, the Mac isn’t so closed that it keeps everything out. The ecosystem provides strong parameters to allow some things in such as Microsoft Exchange.

Closed vs Open

It is simpler but not necessarily as effective for a vendor to work with and support their own ecosystems solely. This would be a 100% closed system to the outside world. However, there are functions that you may want to hook onto to leverage what you have with the others.

In the case of systems, possibly one system works better for you than another. In my case, as I was looking at the landscape, the BlackBerry, which at one time had worked well for me, worked well for me again. Microsoft’s Office 365 and Windows 8 and 8.1 made the option viable via Exchange and then there were other hooks as well.

I compared phones and functions and did all the good stuff and everytime I left the BlackBerry behind I was back. This tail wagging the dog is not a good system function. I decided to make the BlackBerry, in my vast array of Macs, iPods and iPads my system of choice for my phone. It gave me everything I needed and wanted. Yes, there were doors closed going this route but their were doors that opened.

BlackBerry for my Purpose

The BlackBerry, for all intents and purposes, was exactly the device I needed. Most specifically, what drew me to the BlackBerry was the hub. People were always asking if I had received something and I had I just didn’t know I had. The hub solved this 100%.

All the major functions in the beginning were dead on for my needs. I have access to all that I need access to except for some smaller apps. Apple fully supports the Exchange platforms and thus I have the hooks I need to be able to use a variety of functions such contacts, calendars, task managment etc via Exchange.

I hate seeing the mistake of a company saying everything has to be, in this case Apple. I certainly have everything Apple in terms of all my products. Yet, for my communications needs, the BlackBerry can’t be beat. I now respond to people more quickly.

The iPhone is a Beautiful Tool

There is no question the iPhone is probably the most nicely designed smartphone on the market. Also, there are certainly no lack of applications. However, what I’m looking for in a Smartphone is primarily its communications capabilities. I don’t think the BlackBerry can be beat on this front.

Further, I use a Smartphone to talk a lot. The BlackBerry has one powerful battery and I’ve gone close to two days, if I’ve forgot to charge, without a problem as long as I’m not over using the screen.

I would generally though recommend the iPhone for most people. However, those who are like me; where the Smartphone is more your communications device and say the MacBook Air is your applications powerhouse device or as in my case it is a combination of my iPad Air and Macbook Pro that fill those functions then a BlackBerry might be right on.

Open as a Function of Necessity

Apple is generally considered a fairly closed environment but it is open enough to allow other, possibly more suitable tools fit in and fill a role. Companies that became too closed, like the Microsoft of the 90’s, ultimately end up in trouble.

Conquering the world doesn’t mean that you have a Waterloo and no company should ever consider themselve that impervious it couldn’t happen to them. Apple is doing well. Let’s leave it that way but also know that trying to be all things to all the people is prone to disaster.

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