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Counting on Little Utilities Like Instashare


I was reading this “Best Apps of 2014″ series and I started thinking about all the wonderful little apps that I have used but failed to write about and that should get some air time. To a large degree, we count on our little utilitie to do some of the basic to the marvellous in our day. When I was reading the above article, I was a little ho-hummed by them so I thought I’d write at least about this little app that is probably worth its weight in gold.


The name of the app, Instashare, implies exactly what it does. It allows you to instantly share items between your Apple devices using your wifi network. There is no need for the brute force of iCloud here or some fancy protocols to make this happen.

Instashare can share clipboard material through to files. I particularly find the clipboard material very handy to share. I don’t know how many times I’ve come across a blurb say in an IOS device that I want to use on my Mac and found it a bit daunting to do this or if not daunting at least a touch of an effort.

With Instashare this is effortless. Copy something to your clipboard and it is in Instashare’s clipboard. Now should you want this on some other device, ensure instashare is active on the device and on the primary device simply grab what is referred to as the clipboard and copy it to your target device by pulling it to the target. Accept the inbound and voila mission accomplished.

So Too With Files

What you can do with the clipboard you can as easily do with files. Thus, your information is easily moved between devices that would at some time have taken a little more prowess to accomplish.

Not the only little Magic Tool

Instashare is not the only little magic tool available. I have worked with many and it is amazing what you can accomplish. As I work with these tools I will bring them to you. They’re not only useful but they’re fun.

The plan is to likely bring this material to you at The Mac View in a new section that is under development. Till it is ready I will bring you this material here and possibly at the Mac View. The Daily Mac View will remain though, as always, your place for longer, more in depth articles. Not to say there is not value in sharing this tid-bit, however, we’re hoping to have the new section at the Mac View up and running soon. Till then …

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