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A Diary Moment by Moment: Flava!

  • Cross Platform: Yes
  • Value: Excellent
  • Bugs: Some
  • Rating: Five Star

Diary or journal writing is something seen not only as useful to do but a beneficial and in some cases therapeutic activity. Those inclined to writing a diary often do it to capture their moments in time and possibly look back on them in a reflective nature. Often people just want to be able see what happened and when and possibly how they felt about the whole thing.

Traditional Approach

The traditional approach taken has been to sit down, pen and journal in hand and capture a days worth of activities on a page in one writing. Sometimes, on this one page, the journalist writes about an event as it happens. Regardless, to capture a day upon a days page has been very common.

What this does though is it tends to force us to sit down at the end of the day and reflect upon the day and write what happened and our feelings around things. This approach though is fraught with problems in that one might be too tired to do this at the end of the day or simply forget about something important.

Flava: Capturing Events and Feelings through Time

Flava represents a unique approach to diary writing that might or at least simply has the potential to catch on. Rather than writing a days worth of material on one page at one time, Flava breaks the day up into moments in which you can record at anytime a specific moment‘s event or feelings around something. Thus a day could have many headers to the event. This is extremely logical and the flow works well. Rather than you having to remember your whole days events in a single sitting, you break the day up into a sequence of events with many headers.

Flava supports Tagging for quick Recall

As you write out your day in its discrete moments, your day will be surrounded by a variety of activities and feelings. Flava has a very cool system for categorizing or tagging your day in multiple ways. It does this through the use of symbols and you can use a variety of these symbols and tags to rapidly recall your thoughts. You might find in your recall connections and linkages that bring things together.

Cross Platform

Another beauty of Flava, which I think we will begin to see more of is cross platform functionality. Flava works on IOS and Android and it works on the desktop using the browser (not a great approach but workable). Thus, regardless of platform, Flava will be there to work for you. It’s not on everything but I believe it to be a new style for the product and will slowly make its way to all the major platforms.

Journaling as Therapeutic

Journaling has always been thought to be both fun and therapeutic. Flava’s approach, since it is less demanding, is probably more realistic and thus useful. As you use Flava, you quickly begin to see the merits. The old style journal becomes simply that; the computer makes Flava much more potentially relevant.

Regardless of which style of journal you use, either are beneficial. Journaling has a utilitarian and therapeutic quality. It helps you jot things down as they happen so that you remember them more clearly. Journaling is also intended to get one’s feelings out something considered beneficial.

Flava might Just Get you Journaling

Flava is actually fun as a journal application. Journaling is rewarding. It provides context, a way to relate things that we do and allows us to remember where and when we did them. It allows us to express our feelings around something.

Journaling has always been popular. I believe this unique approach to journaling will only add at least to the choices in which you might want to journal and encourage journaling. Finally, it’s useful as our memories wane and we just want to remember that something we did way back when but its simply slipped our mind. To Flava!!!

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