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Stability is the Catchword


Apple’s releases of IOS 8 and Yosemite have been plagued with a multitude of problems. Apple rushed to the door Operating Systems to more effectively meet user demands for features and to catch up and surpass the competition. In their zeal to do this though usability was compromised to such an extent it had Marco Arment writing about the faultering state of Apple’s software quality.

Apple looks as if it will or “Has” Succeeded

Before Steve Jobs passed away he declared nuclear war on Googlea. In some ways he was being too kind. Google literally stole Apple’s invention for the interface of our modern cell phones.

A nuclear assault may or may have not occurred on Google. That’s one for the historians. However, Android is falling apart and quickly. Manufacturers can’t make any money on it as the margins are so slim. Competition is a good thing until it gets to the point it’s killing everything.

Why Apple has Survived is an Interesting Question

One would have to wonder, with all of this competition and deeply price cut Android phones, how is it Apple can keep asking the premium dollar they do for their phone and people keep paying it. Apple’s profit margins are enviable.

Will Android literally be wiped off the map. Probably not but it is more likely an “almost”. They will survive in that Google will keep it alive and they have deep pockets.

It’s Now Time for Apple to Concentrate on Software Quality

As Android is being obliterated as I write, Apple now needs to take this time and concentrate on the quality software Marco Arment alluded to. End users of Apple products are used to this. The long time loyalist of an Apple product is used to this. So too are the developers and needless to say so is Apple itself.

They were pushed into a fighting corner and they came out strong. Apple has in place the foundations for extremely rich product capabilities.

However who Else

In the scenario I painted above it sounds like it is Apple or the highway. I don’t believe this for a second. I think the players that could potentially emerge as competitors to the iPhone is Windows as it is definitely not a rip-off. Further, Microsoft has received very good press around Windows 10 something essential to the success of your product.

The other company I think that might emerge but on a much smaller scale as a competitor to the iPhone is the BlackBerry. This again is not a rip-off of Apple. The BlackBerry has been around for a long time, the OS is BlackBerry‘s and if anything they hold a ton of patents in the industry.

Their phones also provide a unique difference from that of the iPhone something which you want in a truly competitive environment. The BlackBerry has the potential to emerge not as a huge player but as a player who could make money in the industry.

Watch for BlackBerry to mainly participate on the infrastructure side much as Microsoft is doing with Onedrive, Office 365 and so on. Apple’s weakness is in that area. There is lots of room for products to complement each other rather than steal as Android did from Apple.

As things Shake Out

Much of what I’ve written is conjecture except the facts around the demise of Android. The numbers are clear and they are black and white so to speak.

The iPhone was a marvelous invention from beginning till now. There is no reason to think it will be the only choice in the market and that other players will come in to complement the iPhone’s capability.

It’s an interesting time and an interesting evolution from Palm Pilot till now. How this shakes out time will tell. It’s shaking out quite nicely at the moment and gives everyone a chance to take a breath and grapple with the resounding issues going foward.

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