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Retrospect v12 Update: Possibly the only Backup Software You’ll ever Need


Retrospect has always been considered a solid backup system but it also has always been considered complex and slow relative to itself and the competition. Not so in its newly released option v12. However, although v12 is dramatically faster, the interface is very much the same. For those that kow tue system, its consistency can be viewed as a blessing. If you know Retrospect, it really isn’t that complex. Yet, for those that don’t it definitely does.

Mature Product

Retrospect has been around for a while now. It is a mature and robust backup system that when done correctly provides very solid backups. The backups from Retrospect can fully be counted on.

Retrospect is at its heart a backup system. However, this is not a personal backup system but is an industrial strength one. Yet, it is also one as suited for personal backups as anything out there including Time Machine.

Time Machine

Time Machine comes with the OS and is specifically designed to be fast and easy to use. It’s about as easy to use as any system that is available on the market.

Yet, Time Machine isn’t designed to do everything but to do one thing well. It provides personal backup so that everyone can take advantage of backing up. Apple wanted to ensure that everyone and anyone that wants to provide backup can do it as simply as just plugging in an external drive.

This isn’t Retrospect.

Where Time Machine Steps Off Retrospect Steps In

To be clear, Retrospect is very easy to use also but it isn’t meant to be a Time Machine. It is though accessible to anyone who wants to do backup. Further, it’s also designed to handle large, multi systems backups of huge amounts of data. Retrospect is configurable; very configurable and anyone who assumes that something like using Retrospect isn’t necessary could be making a mistake and one that could prove costly.

Retrospect has to be considered the most reliable backup systems Mac users have at their disposal. Backups can be configured, in more than one way, to ensure the reliability of the backed up photo. Some backup systems simply just do a read and write of the file to back it up. Retrospect works far more intensely than other backup systems to ensure the integrity of the backup.

The Need for an a Time Machine Alternate

Although Time Machine is a good system, it is a very simple, basic backup utility. It might be more important to have a system with power and flexibility to balance Time Machine’s simplicity. In fact, this is quite the case. Retrospect can be configured and run using a variety of different approaches. This ensures you’re fully covered and additionally short backups are fine on a regular basis offset by a full fledged backup that fully covers you.

The Power of Versioning

Retrospect supports versioning. Basically, the first backup backs everything up while subsequent backups deal with anything new or different. This keeps your backup lean and efficient.

The New v12 is a Powerhouse

The one major criticism Retrospect has always carried with it is that it is slow and it was till v12. v12 though boosted all the core performance figures like backup time and restore time by 100 to 200 percent. Thus, the main reason for resisting to use Retrospect, except for the complexity has been removed.

In addition to the speed a number of small improvements and fixes were made. Speed improvements were really the key to enhancing Retrospect. The program is basically as solid as a rock.

Use Allows being Off Hand thus trouble Retaining Learned

Retrospect is one of those products you basically can configure, check and then let it run. Because it’s so solid there’s no need to be hands-on. You leave it and it runs. However, if you’ve spent time learning and you don’t have to use it you’ll have trouble remembering how to use it. However, in my experience not much. The benefits outrun any downside.

Backup Software and Backups are one of the most Critical Elements

One of the most critical components in computing is sound backups. That’s in large part why Apple developed Time Machine. Yet, backups need to be solid and flexible. This is where Retrospect comes in. Backups are versioned and can be setup in a very flexible fashion. In fact, any construction of backup can be created. This might sound like overkill but overkill is sometimes needed.

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