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How to Get the Most out of Your iPad for Work Purposes


*Photo Credit: *Sergey Galyonkin *via *Compfight cc Since the release of its first version in 2010, the iPad remains the most popular gadget in North America with 76% share of tablet-based internet traffic in the region, based on the data featured on Marketing Land. With its strong hold on the market and inclusion of smart tech features, the device has been widely used recently in the enterprise sector. In fact, the trend on ‘bring your own device’ (BYOD) continues to flourish in businesses, as employees find more ways to maximize their tablet for work purposes. In this post, we will provide you effective ways on how you can get the most out of your tablet for work.

Maximize your built-in features

Apple’s tablet boasts various built-in functionalities that are helpful to those who use their device for work. The inclusion of iCloud allows you to save more of your files and access them via other devices. It also makes remote collaborations possible. Another feature that you can utilize is FaceTime, which permits you to talk via a video conference with your colleague/s as well as share files instantly. The new iOS 8 also allows users to instantly transfer their workfrom their iPad to iPhone and even to their Mac PC in a swipe via Continuity function. Apple productivity apps called the iWork are also included in all their latest devices, which hosts Pages, Numbers, and Keynotes. First, Pages allows you to create stunning documents with a customized template or layout, while Numbers makes creating spreadsheets with interactive charts easier, and the Keynote helps you build your presentation with photos, charts, and effects more compelling to the eye. Allfour iPadsboast said features and functionalities. Based on the list provided by O2, these devices are: Air, Mini 2, Mini 3, and Air 2. It is expected that the company will soon release the much-awaited bigger tablet called the iPad Pro or iPad Plus that is set to have a 12-inch or at least a larger screen than the previous model.

Use VPN and other security measures

One of the main concerns of businesses for not allowing mobile devices for work is the security of the company and its sensitive files. With the rise of hacking and phishing, businesses are hesitant to adopt this tech trend in their offices spaces. However, the latest devices on the market now come with VPN (virtual private network) and added security features that ensure the safety of the gadget and its files. To avoid data leakage, experts have always advised users against connecting to public Wi-Fi and shared internet as hackers can find a way to access your files via these connections. By setting up a VPN account, you are able to share information and access files securely even when using a public network. This is highly necessary if you need to access your office website, server, or email on your tablet. Here’s how to configure your VPN on iPad: 1. Access the Settings icon 2. Go to the General tab and choose VPN 3. Click Add VPN Configuration 4. Settings of the internet will have to be given by your network administrator. Tip: If your IT department has installed VPN in your PC or laptop, then you can use the same setting when configuring the VPN on your tablet. Another security feature that you can maximize is the Touch ID. It ensures safety of the device itself from being unlocked by anyone, as well as purchasing anything using your Apple ID by requiring fingerprint scanning to access the device.

Boost the power of your iPad

To make the most out of your device, you will have to boost its computing power in various ways. Similar to your PC in the office, it will require a few procedures to ensure your iPad is lag-free at all times. Here’s what you can do: 1.

Always update your iOS.

Updates always come with bug solutions that ensure your gadget is loading fast at all times. 2.

Clear unnecessary apps.

Even if you have the largest internal storage (128 GB), if you have plenty of files and applications (especially those that are always running in the background), then you should expect slow loading of your tablet. 3.

Delete cache and history.

It is not only making your device more secure, but much faster in loading requests as browser storage also take plenty of space. Although there are productivity applications on the Apple Store that you can install instantly on your tablet, the above guidelines will not require you to change anything on your device. These are guaranteed ways to ensure that you are making the most out of your iPad device for business.   Exclusively submitted to the Daily Mac View @WrittenbyJenni

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