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Windowing Utilities Enhance the User Experience


The are utilities for the Mac environment that are designed to act on the Windowing system and enhance the user experience. In this article I’m going to look at five of these utilities any of which can be used individually or in combination with each other. The program’s I’m going to look at at are:

  • Bartender
  • Total Spaces
  • uBar
  • Hyperdock
  • Moom

There are more beyond these. However for the sake of brevity I’ve chosen some of the most interesting to review.


Bartender is one of the most useful of the bunch and especially where it comes to Macs with limited screen real estate. In a nutshell what Bartender is doing is hiding menu bar icons that you might feel are not that necessary to be visible all the time.

Thus, you can assign menu bar items to be hidden at all times or visible in the primary menu or the secondary submenu. This is very advantageous even on a
Thunderbolt display as you’re not stetching your eyes across a lot of the screen.]

Bartender is one of those simple ideas that is pleasing in its delivery. There’s another program called barsroom that isn’t half of what Bartender is however it will cause compatibility problems between the two.

Total Spaces

This is one of the most useful and fun windowing utilities for the Mac. You can generate a number of full desktops in a space each with their own sets of documents or replicating that of other sets of documents. It is intended to un-mess a messy desktop and if you put like documents with like it will organize your work area too.

Total spaces can have in any of the desktops it’s own desktop profile. You can easily move documents between spaces and finally assign documents to open in a space. It’s a fantastic environment for anyone that works with more than two programs at a a time.

uBar for the “Windows” Seeker

uBar is intended to do for the Mac what the bar in Windows at the bottom does for the Windows user. In fact, it mimics this functionality. UBar will put the dock a long the sides as you decide and you can quickly get to things without one bars modality affecting the others.

With uBar you can easily see the documents open in and choose the one you’d like to work with. Further the ubar can line your open windows up in different fashions. I personally prefer them lined up alphabetically.

Finally uBar throws up a Windows style menu for choosing actions and folders. It’s just a different route to get to these things but it’s fast and simple.


Moom is a very handy utility that adds functionality to Windows themselves. It makes it easy to move windows around. Windows can snap to on a grid. Windowed areas can move to different parts of the desktop and menu style functionality actually added to the windows menu buttons.

All Beneficial

All of the above utilities are just some of the more outstanding ones that can enhance your computing experience through the function of windows. All of the above utilities are worth getting. Working individually they do so much. However, working together they do a great deal.

Not only will they make you more productive but they make things more fun. Having a little fun a long the way is certainly perfectly OK.

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