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The New Look of the Mac View/Daily Mac View


The New Look of the Mac View/Daily Mac View

The New Look

We’ve been busy at the Mac View and the Daily Mac View to bring you a new, fresh look that is fully mobile compatible. Google had required of those that wanted to place well within its new ranking scheme, which is oriented heavily towards mobility, that those sites who wanted to rank fairly well be 100% mobile enabled. We took that as an opportunity to rethink the look and feel of the site and thought this an ideal time to do some adjusting.

Beyond Just a few Tweaks

Rather than working with the original themes of the two sites, we completely revamped the sites with a fresh, natural and fluid flow. Adding to that, we used pretty well the same overall concept at both sites to make sites that were not just integrated in an outward fashion but the sites were integrated by their look and feel. Thus the themes are the same with both sites.

Fully Mobile and Much More

The sites are 100% mobile. They look great on either your smartphone, pad or computer. Further, the sites can both grow with time and remain fresh and fluid using the most recent standards.

At the desktop, the sites seem to have not only a nice, pleasant look they almost seem to have a living/breathing essence. Moving your cursor around a page will reveal what I’m discussing.

Retains all the Functionality

The work that has gone into the sites has has been done to ensure that they are fully backward compatible. Every article thus resides in their new home with the same functionality and capabilities they previously had.

We hope you enjoy the sites as they are now functional on whatever device you choose to work with. The design work should now be fully complete and our work can return to bringing you current and interesting content.

The Forums

Let us know if you have any thoughts on the work and what specifically appeals to you. If you have any ideas on content you’d like to see or feedback write the editor at [email protected]

Finally, another piece of work we started in advance of the new site designs but which were implemented around the same time was forums. They only became operational this week but we would hope to hear back from you via the forums also.

Feel free to use the forums if there is a topic you’d like to discuss, comments you’d like to make or questions about something you’d like to ask. You’ll have to join the sites to use the forums but you might find these of great value. You’ll have the ability to talk about any variety of topics, outside of the traditional vendor provided forum, opening up for any manner of possibility.

With all this in place, we’re looking forward to the the what’s next. You of course can get to The Mac View at and The Daily Mac View at with the forums available from either site.

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