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Expect a Focus on Quality, not Quantity at this Years WWDC


Expect a Focus on Quality, not Quantity at this Years WWDC

At this years WWDC, expect a focus in IOS 9 and OSX on quality, not quantity. Apple was badly burned in the release of both flagship operating systems last year. IOS 8 and Yosemite unfortunately for everyone were far from ready for prime time. They should never have gone to market when they did. This really speaks of the ineptitude that has surrounded Apple since Steve Job’s early demise of which there is no returning from.

The Management has a Responsibility and Ultimately the Board of Directors

Apple can never get too big to allow it to shirk its responsibility to protect the interests of its consumers and shareholders. They failed miserably in 2014 however. Turning this ship around though is essential.

It has saddened me to see what Tim Cook has done to Steve Jobs legacy and his vision, something that will go down in the annals of history as remarkable. I suspect Steve Jobs never saw himself not returning.

The Mess that was called OSX Yosemite and IOS 8

The operating systems were plagued from the get go with so many numerous bugs no one new where to start. Engineers who design with quantity and not quality in mind ultimately pay a heavy price because to undo a mess created from poor craftsmanship is challenging for even the best and brightest. Apple was put to that challenge. Here we are nine months after the release of the operating systems to which they are still trying to rectify the problems.

At Microsoft, the day Windows 8 was released was the day the Product Manager lost his job. One wonders what the repercussions, if any, fell due to this mess that was created by people. Ineptitude often is lead by stupidity and it seems to have escaped them, from all measure, exactly what happened but they must see consideringf this renewed focus on Quality.

The Right Approach

Quality will always win in the technology game over quantity as no one can deny that a product released of high quality is regarded for such bringing people to it. It doesn’t take long in, in this digital era, for people to quickly realize the lack of quality. The return by Apple to quality, which in its own turn will be able to be measured after WWDC, is exactly the right approach.

Did Apple Listen to its Beta Testers

Companies, focused on quality, tend to run a good beta test program to weed out the problems before going to market with something and those companies of the highest stature listen to their beta testers in determining whether its time to go Gold or that is determine the product is now ready for release to market.

Apple ran a very poor beta program. They didn’t listen to their beta testers or at least one’s that said the stuff wasn’t ready for prime time. Driven by market forces such as the competitive pressure Samsung was creating for Apple, the company released far too soon. It was a quantity over quality decision and everyone, except Samsung, paid a negative price.

Quality over Quantity and we’re all Winners

Assuming Apple does say they are moving to a Quality over Quantity approach at this years WWDC we will all be winners. Supposedly, according to the rumour mill, we should be hearing this with regard to IOS 9 and OSX 10.11 and that’s where we need to hear it. In reality, we have more than enough functions in our OS’s. Now what we need is for them to work. Quality only helps to ensure that they work however, we will be so much further along.

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