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Capture 365! Could it be the Perfect Diary?


Capture 365! Could it be the Perfect Diary?

In my quest for the perfect diary, if there is such a thing, which I doubt, I came across Capture 365 which is probably the best diary app for the Mac. Although Day One is a fantastic diary application, it is old school in approach. In Day One, as with most diaries, it is oriented to write you’re diary in such a way that it is your whole day at one time.

A new style of diaries are making their way to market and they are moment by moment diaries. As you go along in your day, you enter in such a diary, the event or thoughts etc that happened at that specific moment. It makes diary recording very easy and accurate.

The Problem with a lot of Moment by Moment Diaries

In a nutshell, the problem with most of the moment by moment diaries is something significant is missing thus restricting your ability to enter information. It might be that the app only runs on the iPhone or that it runs everywhere but doesn’t provide you with the core information around title, date and place that you need to identify a relevant entry.

Capture 365 Benefits

Capture 365 is an award winning, cross platform application which syncs between IOS and OSX. Thus you can enter and read your information on a Mac, iPad or iPhone. It is designed nicely for each environment.

Although it supports a lot of the functions that you find in diaries these days such as date, location, weather and tagging it implements the moment by moment approach the nicest of any diary app I have seen to date. It’s very easy to identify what activity you’re looking for in your diary. Being moment by moment, it is even easier to write your diary.

Consistent Writing

The key to good diary writing and effectiveness is consistency. That is, you always write in your diary at least once per day. If you don’t do this, you don’t end up with the benefits of writing a diary, of which there are many.

The major benefit of writing the diary itself is two fold. First, it puts information in a permanent place so that it can be retrieved in the future. Many people rely on their diaries to indicate when something was done or put context to time. Just getting that information down is a way of retaining who you were at a particular point in time or what you did.

The second, very useful benefit of diary writing, which many therapists recommend it for, is its cathartic effect. Just the act of writing in a diary is considered very therapeutic. Much stress can be relieved. Further, a diary the longer written, provides temporal context. It is great for defining what happened say this year. The feeling of how did it get to be July; what happened to all the time since Christmas somehow has more relevancy.

Capture 365!; Likely the Perfect Diary

I’ve used almost every diary going. I can easily say that Capture 365 is likely the best diary on the market. What you really want to accomplish with a diary is best achieved with Capture 365.

Further, it’s presentation is gorgeous yet there is a gentle simplicity about it. Perfect in terms of entry and also form, this is one diary to seriously consider as you attempt to wrestle with time.

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