Suretap: Pay by the tap of your Phone

In Canada, Apple pay has not become a reality yet but Rogers, now a long with Bell and Telus, have introduced the Suretap system to make payments exactly the same way Apple pay works. Roger’s is Canada’s largest provider of cellphone service currently and ventured on their own at first but then joined forces with Bell and Telus to add a broader depth of services. Eventually, the system will support a number of Credit cards but at the moment it is fairly limited.

Growth Expected to Happen Quickly

Suretap does not support the Apple iPhone, but rather the Blackberry if it has an NFC chip and the Android phones, that are NFC enabled such as the Samsung S6. Suretap is being viewed as one of the brightest technological leaps from a very old fashioned way of paying for things to one of the most modern and advanced systems simply based on your phone.

As the system gets broader in what it will support in terms of the number and kind of cards, the more in demand the system will be. Thus, the growth of this system has two major things going for it. It is a completely new service providing a new revenue stream and it is a major alteration in the way we pay for things.

Slimming out Your Wallet

The Wallet NOW holds your Smartphone, some critical cards and MAYBE some Cash

Eventually, with time, it is expected that the Suretap system will support any kind of debit or credit card, points cards and any other card that might need to be secure and that provides a service. The excellent result of this trend is the slimming of wallets that are exploding with Credit and Debit cards plus points cards that people love.

Probably the Most Significant Aspect

The trend to reduce the size of your wallet by stuffing all that information into say your Suretap system is easily recognizable and the benefits immediately apparent. However, probably the most significant aspect of this technological change is the effect it has on society and the individual. We have been using money and paying by things with money generally directly (in cash) or by a means that resembles money such as cheques and travelers cheques for an awfully long time.

This revamping of the payment system has very broad and far reaching implications (too extensive to cover in this assessment) and changes our whole way of dealing with money and the payment of goods. Paper, in the form of cash, disappears and becomes a digital object and while you might be turning your payment into a digital format you are still receiving a physical good.

Just Tap and Go

Payment with your phone is convenient, saves space, ensures you’ll have with you and as you can see cash becmes less importan

Suretap, as does Apple Pay, do away completely with the exchange of physical cash/money. As it stands now, when the bill is rung/tendered currently you just take out your your wallet and provide the required amount of cash. With Suretap you simply go to Suretap on your phone, tap the tap enabled phone and voila; you’ve just paid for your goods. No cash stands in the way; falls; gets dropped; stolen or any variety of physical things that could happen with it.

Using Suretap there is likely to be hard savings as a lot of the physical is cut out like the need to print as much money and on it goes. For Rogers, Bell and Telus this represents a whole new business with a new profit centre.

Users are looking forward to Apple Pay and those users, such as myself, that have Suretap are more than delighted. It not only is extremely practical but it’s fun also. The aspect of the practical meeting the enjoyable has far reaching implications both at a societal and personal level. Possibly some retraining will be necessary for enabling sound money management but it is likely that this will be a positive outcome of our tehnological enadvours.

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