Dispatch, the best of the best, Releases an iPad Version

Dispatch by By Clean Shaven Apps, arguably the best iPhone email app, has just been released for the iPad and is a universal app. That means, for anyone who has Dispatch on their iPhone, they get it for free on their iPad. Even if you don’t have the app, it is so good it is worth the small purchase price.

Does Two very Outstanding Things

Dispatch is just generally considered a good email client. However, it does two, very outstanding things that put it the notch above. First and most importantly, you can dispatch to other applications information that is generated from an email (email) that has relevance to the other app. It can be a starting place, if you will, to generate essential work. Dispatch is a great collector of information if not a generator when it comes to critical information being used in a project.

As an example, many people use email as a source of a todo. Rather than going through the cut and paste routine we’re so commonly used to, dispatch generates the todo directly saving the steps of cutting and pasting.

Snippets an Integral Use in Dispatch

Snippets are discrete pieces of information that frequently gets reused over and over thus saving the typing of keystrokes. Snippets can be used in Dispatch if you have a form letter, as an example, and text frequently gets reused. Use snippets to save time, energy and possible mistakes.

Available Immediately for the iPad

People have been after a Dispatch version for the iPad for quite some time. This is a welcome release and will likely be put to good use.

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