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Apple sent an overnight Letter announcing the iPhone 6 for Sale in Stores Friday at 8am


Apple store

The time is upon us now wherein what Apple has announced for the fall for release is to be released. Overnight, they released a letter announcing the sale of the iPhone 6 and Plus in stores starting on Friday at 8am. This will welcome news for those that can’t wait to get their hands on the 6s.

Advertised as Being Very Different

Opposites attract
Apple has advertised the 6s as being very different from the phones before it. The one thing one has be conscientious of is there is a fair amount of new technology in the phone that hasn’t really been fully field tested. It might be wise to at least be aware of this in a buying decision.

Do You Really Need One

I want one
This is a question that always comes up. My view would be if you have a 6 that this would be a very unnecessary purchase. There is an argument also that is being made that we should wait for the iPhone 7 wherein there will be real change.

I think if you have anything that is 5 or before change would be in order. After that it’s a bit of a wild card but the switch from a 6 to a 6s seems a bit unnecessary.

A Fun Day


Regardless of what one does, it is always a fun day. It’s almost a touch like being at the Carnival. I assume there will be lineups and crowds a normal so it in a way has become something of a social celebration.

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