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AppleTV Finally makes its long awaited Debut


The Long Awaited Refresh to the AppleTV makes its Debut

The original AppleTV first made its appearance in 2006 with pre-orders being taken on January 9, 2007. Apple didn’t do much with the device up to and including the recent price drops in the spring of 2015 which included some third generation Rev A” which included component changes.

For Apple watchers, such as myself, this as always struck a curious chord. Here was a device that had such potential that was being ignored. Not only was it being ignored but Apple called it a hobby.

Always Special to those that used the AppleTV

The AppleTV, to those that used it, was this incredibly designed piece of hardware and software that brought us movies when we wanted them, how we wanted them and even if we wanted to buy them for future use. Using the most minimalist of design, it was in its own way beautiful.

The controller was this full powered unit that worked completely using only five buttons. Eventually, people discovered they could use their AppleTVs from this small application called Remote and do everything simply and easily.

Something was Missing and Apple Knew It

For something as incredible as this the device appeared to be and was there was always something missing. It was clear, the device simply needed content. Why was it necessary to bounce to your television providers dictates when, although you might want some of the programming some of the time, certainly you didn’t generally need it all or at least there were a lot of people, due to their busy lives, that couldn’t use all the programming on TV. Plus, often when something came a long you wanted to watch it wasn’t running at the right time. It was running at your teleco’s right time, which was very problematic.

One might want to ask the question as to why but that’s a waste of time. What was important though was the AppleTV and the freedom it unleashed. Further, for the nostalgic it was a god send allowing you to go back and and watch something that was important to you when you initially saw it.

The Only thing in the Annoucements that was interesting and made Sense

Apple’s fall presentation was chalk full of stuff from AppleTV’s to iPad Pro’s, the iPhone 6s and the coming of IOS Version 9. The only thing that truly made sense was the planned release of the AppleTV.

What Apple has planned for the device is exactly what the market is looking for. The ability to choose what we watch, when we want to and where has never been greater with the long work hours people do these days. Television remains an important entertainment and information gathering medium yet it just needs to be on our terms.

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